Grace Zhang Greek Life & Clubs On campus

#TSM 5 Reasons to Join Greek Life

Greeks. I promise it's not the negative stereotypes you see in movies. You might not believe me now, but if you go through Rush/Recruitment, you will see that Greek life at Wagner is pretty amazing. To be honest, I came into college pretty skeptical, but within the course of one week, I changed my mind, and this is why...

1. Brotherhood/Sisterhood Is Forever


Yes, it's cliche and sappy but it's actually the truth. If you're a commuter, you always have a place to go in between classes. If you're not from around the NE area, your brothers/sisters take you home. You gain friends and family from all over the country/world and are well taken care of. Apart from the cheesy stuff, Greek life also has a business aspect. You gain generations of alumni connections. So in addition in finding your future bridesmaids/groomsmen, you get a kick start to your networking and careers.

2. Involvement


From sports to theatre to SGA to honor societies to basically anything that Wagner has to offer, Greeks are involved in it. You can enhance your leadership skills with the countless opportunities Greek life has to offer. There's an event on campus? You can bet that Greeks are there and probably running it. 

3. Giving Back


A huge part of Greek life is philanthropy. Each organization has different sponsored philanthropies, but we all come together to support each others' causes — and to give back to charities that hold a special meaning to any Greek. From fundraisers to walks for awareness, volunteering and giving back to our community is a big part of what we do. 

4. Academic Excellence


Greeks also hold a higher academic standard. Yes, you read that right, to join Greek life you actually have to have a qualifying GPA — so it's not just parties 24/7. You can find Greeks in every honor society and at awards dinners. There's also the perk that there's a brother/sister who has taken the class you're taking and can help you. 

5. Social Butterfly


Not going to lie to you, guys, Greeks work hard and play harder. So in addition to all the activities, fundraisers, and extracurriculars, we do have our share of fun times. Not to mention by senior year, you end up knowing a third of the school, you become a real social butterfly.