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Two Thumbs Up For Wagner!

Hi guys!

As I was walking around campus today, I realized something awesome about Wagner.  The one thing I can heavily, truly, and proudly applaud Wagner for is how they accommodate everyone and everything.  It is actually pretty amazing how sheltering Wagner is.

As some of you know, last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.  I'm Catholic and it's tough finding a decent church around Staten Island to practice my faith--especially if you don't have a car on campus.  To help Christians out, Wagner hosts masses on Sundays at Kairos House (the Campus chapel).  Unknown-1There are all types of Christian masses held on Sunday throughout the day and night.  One would just have to figure out what time their mass is scheduled.  For example, because I am Catholic I would go to 9pm mass on Sunday nights.  There, I would find other Wagner students who share the same religious affiliation as me, a Catholic priest, and normal Catholic mass ceremonial traditions.

Moreover, it is also a place just to bond with fellow Catholics and talk about our faith.  It's a cathartic feeling--to be away from home, but still continuing the faith you were taught.  It shows discipline.  Some people come to college and the minute they are exposed to college life, they turn their back on traditions that their family has taught them.  Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying that is bad all.  What I am saying is that, college is a place to find yourself.  If you come to college and choose to remain a religious person, that is your prerogative.  Nonetheless, if you choose to come to college and venture out towards new traditions, that is also your prerogative.  Whatever you choose to do, Wagner is tolerant of it.  They welcome all types of religions.  Anyway, my point is that I was able to get my ashes on campus last Wednesday and every Ash Wednesday since I've been at Wagner.  Lent is the most important Catholic ritual of the liturgical year.  So, it was really important that I received my ashes to start of the Lent season on the right foot--and also because my parents would kill me if I didn't.

Wagner is handicap accessible.  I don't have many handicapped friends on campus, but I do have friends that are athletes who are handicapped for a period time due to a sports injury.  Sophomore year, my best friend had surgery on both her legs.  Insane!  Right?  But yeah, it really happened.  She had two boots that were HUGE and she was on crutches.  She was pretty helpless.  There were so many things she couldn't do that I had to do for her.  It was actually pretty funny!  She obviously couldn't get to classes, the dining hall, the gym, etc on her own.  UnknownWe would have to call public safety to pick us up from destination a and politely asked to be dropped off at destination b.  Public safety would come in these cute little carts, like golf carts, to save her from her misery.  I say "we" because I took advantage of her situation.  My best friend was hurt and got rides around campus.  I mean we were always together, so I thought it would only make sense if I hopped in the golf cart too.  Right?  I also didn't want to walk.  Laziness at it's finest.  The public safety men are so cool.  They have all types of conversations with you about God knows what.  They make being injured fun--kind of.  Okay, no it doesn't.  But, being driven around campus is wonderful especially after a hard practice.

Two thumbs up for Wagner!  It is a good place for four years.  They make sure you have what you need, and if you don't have it there's always an alternative.

Ugo 🙂