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Using Your Smartphone To Survive in NYC

If you're going to be attending college in NYC (Staten Island IS a Borough of the City) then you HAVE to be prepared! It's a fast-paced world out here and using these few apps, you'll be able to not only survive, but THRIVE in this big city atmosphere.


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Description: This is your essential transportation app. Not only does this app tell you which Subway lines, busses, or taxi to take, but it also shows you what streets get you to those stops. It also knows exactly when any train or bus will be at a stop and how long your trip will take in real time. I use this to get to my internship as well as for any errands I have to run. It's really helpful and convenient.

Cost: Free
Rating: 5/5

Time Out New York 

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Description: This is your one-stop guide to all of the current happenings in our big, loud city. Time Out will give you the low down on the gigs, bars, restaurants, clubs, film premieres, and more! It bases content off of your current location in the city, so whether you are in the Financial District or the Upper West Side, whip this app out and you'll have a list of all the cool stuff and opportunities surrounding you.

Cost: Free
Rating: 5/5


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Description: For all you music junkies out there, whether you're looking for a Top 40 headliner concert or an up-and-coming indie artist's show, this app has your back. With a vast majority of music venues scattered throughout the city, this app will let you know who is performing where on any given night. It also has a feature that goes through your phone's music and recommends shows for you. You can choose how far you're willing to travel for your shows too!

Cost: Free
Rating: 5/5


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Description: All you Broadway Buffs better get ready! As you know, TKTS sells tickets for 30%-50% off original prices on the day of performances in Times Square, the South Street Seaport, and Brooklyn. While you can't buy tickets with the TKTS app, you are able to see what shows have discounted tickets that day and how much the discount is. So before you get all the way to the city to find out that you can't get tickets to the show you wanted to see, use this app to get the information you need. It also has all the information you need about any particular show.

Cost: Free
Rating: 3/5 (Because I think you should be able to buy tickets through the app.)


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Description: This app is much like Time Out, except it focuses more on food. It also allows customers to post pictures, videos, and reviews on the page of the place so you can see what you're really in for. I've used this to find restaurants specific to different cuisines that I was interested in at a specific time. It also has sample menu items as well as prices. That way, you can find the best place for what you're looking for.

Cost: Free
Rating: 5/5


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Description: Feeling hungry? Want a meal delivered almost directly to your dorm room? Then GrubHub is the app for you! Choose from a variety of restaurants that are members of this app--all of them will deliver and many without even a fee! Each place has a simple menu, so you pick out what you want, enter the address, put in your payment information and your food will be outside the dorm building within 20 minutes! I've used this many times and it's honestly so convenient and so delicious.

Cost: Free
Rating: 5/5

Check em out! It won't cost ya a buck and you'll be a savvy city kid in no time!