Valley of the Temples

Day 1

We arrived in Italy yesterday after-noon from JFK to Palermo, Sicily. After our rooftop breakfast overlooking the beautiful capital we were on our way to explore the ancient Greek ruins in the Valley of the Temples. We met our tour guide Giovanna who led us through the ancient city along with the aid of our Professors Smith and Reynolds. It was an amazing experience to witness the catacombs and the temples of Juno, Zeus, and Hera accompanied by modern statues that emphasized the features of the human body. The tour ended, and we had a delicious pizza lunch at a local villa restaurant. Back on the road we traveled again to our hotel to freshen up and explore the night life of Agrigento. Ciao for now.

Nicole, Jill, Antonia, and Nicole

Sicily, Italy



Day 2

Our day began bright and early as we awoke to the shining southern Italian sun on our faces. We had another quaint Italian breakfast in the sun room which overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. We were back on our bus with Silvio our trusted driver who guided us through the twisting and turning roads through the hills of Sicily. We left Agrigento behind as we journeyed to the Piazza Armenia to see the what some believe to be the most beautiful mosaic works in the world. Making furry friends (the wild dogs of Piazza Amernia) along the way to the heart of the villa. We were able to see the Villa Della Casale and imagined the riches that poured through the doors of the extravagant anicent roman villa. Each room painted a picture of what lavish living during the ancient roman times were like, with mosaic tiles placed precisely to recreate ancient tales of the time. One room in particular sparked our interest with a modern twist on an ancient art we were introduced to famous Bikini Girls. Women were portrayed in modern looking swimwear as they partook in numerous athletic activities. We were guided through the villa and painted a picture of the past by the eccentric Paolo. Back on the swirling roads that were picturesque with grasing wild sheep, cows, and horses. In the distance we were able to see the snowy peaks of magnificent Mount Etna. We then arrived at our third hotel and explored the city of Siracusa. As we traveled through the new city and took in the new sites we looked for guidance from a local Italian woman who we like to refer to as our "Nonna". She took us under her wing and guided us to one of her favorite local restaurants where we were welcomed with open arms to an authentic Sicilian feast. She stayed with us as we practiced our Italian skills through a delicious dinner. Ciao for now miei amici.

Nicole, Jill, Antonia, and Nicole





Floor of the Roman Villa





We'd also like to thank Donna Toscano for all her work!  Donna, you're a gem!

R and A



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