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Volunteering in the City

Something I pride myself on is following the news. This may sound a bit silly; I don’t produce the news or create it. I simply follow it. I pride myself on the fact that I know what’s going on in the world. I’d recommend it to everyone and anyone.

Okay dear reader, I’ll get off my high horse and get to the story. A recent headline all across the country was the Chicago Public School teachers strike. Teachers marched the picket line in Chicago for a week and half before a negotiation could be reached. I won’t go into my political opinions on the strike because I like to think I keep it upbeat here on HawkTalk. However, I will confess that the strike hit close to home. As a product of a Chicago Public School, I was heartbroken to see the angry and somber faces of the men and women who inspired me to never settle. These people have made a priceless impact on my life.

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Almost every Saturday I get the chance to go to P.S. 1 in Manhattan, or P.S. 251 in Queens. I wake up bright and early and schlep from my dorm to the ferry and then to various modes of transportation. If I’m lucky I sleep over with my friends in the city. Waiting for me at the end of my travels are smiling faces and busy arms and legs. I spend my mornings reading to children in Kindergarten and First Grade through a non-for profit group called Reading Empowers.

The program offers primary school children an opportunity to develop a reading foundation and create a lasting love of reading. Wagner has a firm dedication to giving back to the community around us, and I decided to run with this philosophy.

I’m excited to work with this program and others during my time here at Wagner.

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