Mark Beyer On campus Wagner for Dummies

Wagner College for Dummies: Surviving the first month

Well, you’ve made it this far: survived class, made friends, figured out the campus and everything else about Wagner. In case you haven’t, or still need some more tips, check up on this list of things to help you survive and thrive at Wagner.

Dining hall:

  • Double check you have your ID before you get there. No one wants to make that walk back to your dorm, especially with winter coming.
  • Avoid the rush hour. By now you start figuring out when the rush is depending on classwinter is coming meme times. 5 p.m. dinner… good luck.
  • You may see people with funky colored drinks… A.K.A amazing drink combinations. Start with Powerade and cranberry juice. This is just the beginning.
  • The desserts… believe me on this one. Try them all, especially the chocolate chip cookies and Oreo mud pie.
  • When disposing of your dishes, go in one way and out the other. No one likes being scared walking out the entrance and almost being decked by someone.
  • Sandwich line is always clutch when nothing else tingles your taste buds.


Campus life:

  • Summer clothes are on their way out… prematurely this year. Bipolar weather has left everyone confused on whether it will be summer at noon or winter at 5 p.m.
  • Whether to hold the door open or not: I don’t know if you will ever figure this out but give yourself props for trying even if that person behind you doesn’t follow.
  • Which side of the path do you walk on? The right. Just like driving. Get with the program.
  • Invest in an Ethernet cord. It will save you hours and hours of Internet browsing.


  • You should be used to waking up to an alarm and not your parents.
  • If you need help in a class, get it. You’re not weird if you get an A on your test cause you saw your teacher or tutor.
  • If you miss class, don’t make it a habit and hopefully you have a good friend to catch you up for that class.
  • Be proactive. It’s your best friend for papers, tests, and projects.


Hopefully you’ll make it for the rest of the semester. I have faith. Keep checking up for future installments of Wagner College for Dummies in the future.