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Wagner Housing: There’s No Place Like Home

One of the biggest questions I had as an incoming freshman was: where am I going to live? What will the rooms be like? Will I have enough space for my books and more importantly for my shoes? Do I really have to share a bathroom? What if there are guys on my floor? How does that work?! So I’m assuming some of you are wondering the same things. I’m lucky enough to have lived in three out of the four Wagner housing options. Allow me to take you on a tour of Wagner’s finest dormitories.

Harborview Hall

Nicknames: HBV, The View


Harborview is home of the Million Dollar View. It’s the dorm that all the freshman live in for their first year at Wagner. It’s 14 floors of good college fun. There are a few themed floors- Honors Floor, Music and Art Floor, Civic Engagement floor. Each floor has an awesome view of the harbor and Lower Manhattan. Living in Harborview is one of my overall greatest college memories. You become so close with the people you live with during that first year. I still get so excited when I see an old 6th floor friend on campus. Just the other day I was in Harborview and I met the girl who lives in my old room. On the last day of Freshman year, my roommate and I hid a note in the closet. Three years later, Ellie (the newest resident of our room), finally found our note!! It brought back so many awesome memories from freshman year.

Anna H. Parker Towers Hall

Nicknames: Towers (That’s it. Do not ever refer to it as “The Towers”. It’s just awkward for everyone.)


Towers is, to put it simply, the crazy dorm. There’s always something going on. The majority of upperclassmen on campus live in Towers. As an RA, I lived in Towers the past two years. Greek housing is in Towers as well which is pretty cool. They each have a lounge on their floor and are able to paint and decorate their floor however they want. Towers has suite housing (2 rooms and a common room), double rooms, and single rooms. A bunch of the sports teams have suites in Towers. My favorite places in Towers are the track suite where my best friends/teammates live, and the AOII lounge on my sorority’s floor. Whenever I want to just relax and hang with friends, those are the two places I love to go.

Guild Hall


Unfortunately, I never got the chance to live in Guild, so I feel it’s not right for me to give it a nickname. I talked to some friends and got their input on what living in Guild is like. My friend Daniela told me that living in Guild was “homey” for her. It was lived in and old but it has a comfort to it. Two rooms are connected by a bathroom. It has a big community feel because of the big rooms . Guild has a few themed communities—the upperclassmen Honors floor and the Green floor. It’s a very artistic place as well. I have a lot of friends involved with theatre and the arts who love living in Guild.

Foundation Hall

Nicknames: Foundy, Found, The Retirement Home


This is where old washed up seniors like myself come to live out their final year in peace, quiet, and air conditioning. I’ve only been living in Foundation for about two months, but I am loving it! I really enjoyed living in Towers and Harborview, but Foundation is pretty much the luxury dorm. It’s the newest housing on campus and it’s so close to everything. Foundation is set up suite style with two rooms, a small common space and a bathroom/shower. There are a few special “Seahawk” suites with a large common room. The housing process to get said suites, is most easily comparable to The Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. Unfortunately, on that ill-fated morning, they were not in mine. But nonetheless, the suite I live in is great! I have some friends living in Seahawk suites so I can always go visit them or my friends in Towers if I’m looking for a bigger hang out space.


So there it is! The housing of Wagner College. No matter where you end up, there's always a way to make it feel like home. 🙂