Grace Zhang On campus

Wagner Spooktacular

Only at Wagner will you see a giant banana walking with Thor and Mario to class, and drag queens strutting their stuff on the Towers bridge. The fact that Halloween this year came on a Thursday didn't stop us from going all out. Let's just say it was a very eventful weekend ...


At first glance, you just see a bunch of guys dressed up in costumes standing on the Oval, until you notice a green blob flash by and a small white ball flying through the air. And then you notice that the guy throwing the ball isn't really Luigi but our Wagner baseball pitcher. The baseball team decided to dress up and play some Wiffle ball during the day as a pre-Halloween warm up.



Tower of Terror

Wagner hosted its annual Tower of Terror in the basement. Now I have to say, I thought maybe after the third year it might not be that scary anymore, but this year's makeup and costumes were on point. Not to mention the basement is already a pretty scary place to be at night; add the zombies, and you forget they're not real and are screaming through the maze, wondering when it will end. Definitely get that nice adrenaline rush afterwards.


Playing Dress Up

So there were people who've had their costumes planned and ready for weeks, and those who were still wondering what the heck they're going to be the night of. I fell under the latter group. It was 9 p.m. and I was still staring at my closet, wondering what I can throw together at the last minute. I finally decided to go as Sandy from the musical Grease. I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty good for a last-minute costume, especially since I was on the verge of giving up and admitting defeat to my procrastination. But here are some of my more creative friends...

Daisy and Gatsby                                                                                        R2D2

photo-4 photo-5


Flying Squirrel...and it's a onesie                                                             Ninjas

photo-6 photo-7


Mickey and Minnie Mouse                      Scar from Lion King...look familiar?

photo-8 photo-9


Minions                                                                       Old and New Miley Cyrus



And yours truly with my favorite hippie



Overall, Halloween weekend was definitely a success here at Wagner. And on a perfectly sweet note, I shall end this eating my last piece Halloween candy.