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Wait, Real World… I’m Still in College!

I knew when I handed in my forms to officially declare an Arts Administration major that I would need to find a full-time internship for a semester, but I wasn't prepared for how quickly that time would come. Well... it's here and so far it has been quite an experience.

A lot of majors are required to complete internship hours for their senior year or at some point during their time at Wagner. It is unique, however, to be off campus for most of your week, Monday through Friday. I can't say I love it, but I can't say I hate it either!

For this semester, I am working at a record label under Warner Music Group. I work on marketing and brand partnerships, which deals with getting songs from the artists into commercials for different products (such as hearing a Black Keys song in a car commercial.) It is interesting stuff, and unfortunately I am not allowed to disclose too much information about specifics in a blog (wouldn't want to get fired before the year is up!), but I do want to talk a little bit about how I see this experience from an educational standpoint.

In earlier posts, I have explained the best methods to secure an internship, but most internships are not every day. While I feel a slight disconnect with the campus after being gone for 45 hours a week, I have to say that it may not be a bad thing... graduation is soon and I feel as though it's good and healthy to wean myself off of dwelling on campus all week. I am able to get a taste of what life is like after college, while still being able to spend time with friends.  Also, since personal time is more scarce, it's good to learn how to use the time I have socially to do something meaningful.

It's important to be prepared for the world after school. (That's the whole point of college, right?) But I feel as though college is a world that some people can never leave behind. We always hear, "It's the best years of your life!" But to me, it's more about learning who you are and gaining skills so you can constantly improve your life as you go forward. That is one thing I feel Wagner has done for me that I never expected. I feel confident that I have learned skills and have been given opportunities and experiences that have prepared me to be a valuable contributor to a team. Working off campus and doing something that is semi-separate from the Wagner world has allowed me to realize this.

Full time internships are tiring, long, not always fun, and not always paid. But they are an interesting tool to finish off your development in the college world and, to me, a good transition out of your comfort zone. You also find you have to do what you love. Being interested in what I'm doing makes the work something that I see and hear around me in my everyday life... I work all week on a project that helps get a song in a commercial, and then I see it while watching the super bowl and it all makes sense. You grow to a point where you actually see some small impact you are making on the world around you, whatever that may be.

Later Seahawks,