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Hi guys!

My name is Ugo Nwaigwe.  This is not only my first post ever as a HawkTalk blogger, but my first time blogging in general.  To say the very least, I am so excited!  I feel like I have so much to say and to shIMG_6482are to you all about my experiences as a full time college student.  First off, I am a senior captain on the women's basketball team here at Wagner.  Sometimes, it's difficult for me to write that last sentence because it's still hard for me to phantom that I'm a senior...and to also think that this will probably be my last year actually playing organized basketball (I'll talk about this later).  I'm also from Long Island, New York--in particular, Valley Stream. Whoop whoop!  I'm the president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), Community Service Representative for the Pre-Law Society, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, a HawkTalk blogger, and a person who absolutely loves Wagner College.


Okay...let's back up a few steps.  I'M A SENIOR!  It's the most exhilarating feeling ever.  Or, maybe I'm the only one who feels that way?  I highly doubt that though.  I guessIMG_6539 I'm just super thrilled to see what this year has in stored for me--academically and athletically.  School has always been easy for me.  However, getting good grades isn't something that generally comes easy.  It was through constant "parental guidance" that I was able to establish my positive and dedicated attitude to my studies.  By parental guidance, I mean my parents were annoying (love them though).  Growing up, basketball was my absolute outlet.  They knew how much I loved it, so they used it against me.  They always threatened me.  They always said that if I didn't get A's, they wouldn't take me to my practices or games.  You would think, "why wouldn't she just ask her teammates to take her?"  Yeahhhhh no.  Going behind my parent's backs was a total no no.  I knew they meant well and that it wasn't anything personal.  They were tough parents and set very high standards for me and my siblings; but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Last season, we opened up against the University of Kentucky.  At the time, they were ranked number eight in the country, and they were coming to Staten Island to play us.  Every time I did something great on the court, I would look up at my parents in the stands and see them jumping up and down or hear them yell my name.  We lost but I can still hear my mom screaming, "You go girl!"


I wouldn't be sitting here writing to you all if it weren't for their constant persistence--which brings me to my next thought.  My parents persuaded me to take a huge step that impacts my future greatly.  This Saturday, I will be experiencing something very life changing.  I'm taking the LSAT.  The LSAT is the entrance exam needed to get into any law school in the country.  The idea is similar to that of the SAT or ACT, but it's a million times harder and more stressful.  I've been studying since May.  It was in May that I took the initiative to do this, along with the help (annoyance) of my parents.  I know I want to be a Judge some where down the road.  Whether I want to be a lawyer, prosecutor, detective, FBI agent, or politician is beyond me...but I know I want to be a Judge for sure.  And to be a Judge, you have to have gone through law school.  Law school is another three years of papers, exams, late nights, early mornings, all nighters; and another three years of asking my parents for money or saving all my paychecks from summer jobs to get me through the year.  If I didn't have to take this ridiculously hard test to be a Judge, I wouldn't.  And, if I didn't have to go to law school to be any of those professions that I listed above, I wouldn't go.


It was a serious decision.  I thought long and hard about it.  By me taking this test, that means I've made a decision to end my basketball career after my senior season.  I could play overseas if I really wanted to.  I decided that it was time to do something else.  I've played basketball all my life.  IMG_2616Everything I have ever done in my life has been circled around basketball.  I got good grades because I wanted to play basketball.  I could not go to Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, movies, sleepovers, and do other normal teenage activities because I had practice or a game.  I went to my high school because I liked my basketball coach.  I was recruited by Wagner to play basketball.  It's been a loyal friend of mine's since I was five.  I cannot imagine not playing anymore.  However, that is a decision I have made and that I will have to deal with.  I love the legal world.  If I am not at practice or doing homework, I am being weird watching all these legal shows.  I always knew in the back of the mind that I would end up at law school, but I didn't know I would have to give up something dear to my heart for it.


The first month of senior year has been so hectic for me.  I've missed every cool thing--NOT because of basketball, but because I'm studying for the LSAT.  At first, I would kind of embarrassed to tell my friends why I could not come to whatever it was they were doing (Please keep in mind that I'm 21).  I did not want to make it seem like a complete nerd, even though I know I am.  However, their reactions always reassured me that I was making a good sacrifice.  The football guys call me inspiring all the time.  My teammates completely understand and know where I want to go with my life.  My roommates have been so supportive.  Everyone else is rooting for me to do well.  I don't know if they are rooting for my success on the exam or for me to just be done with it and enjoy what's left of senior year.  I'm sure it's both.  Regardless, this is why I love Wagner.  It's a small campus with a HUGE heart.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn't mention their nervousness for me about my LSAT.  They're more nervous for me than I am for myself.  Throughout this entire month, everyone has kept my spirits high.  They have offered me everything they could to keep me at ease.  I am so grateful for such an caring environment.  You won't find another place like this in the world.  I'm going to kill the LSAT.  I'm not only doing it for myself.  I'm not only doing it for my family.  I'm doing it for Wagner too.  I owe a lot to them.  If I get into a great law school, that's cool points for Wagner. Wagner>>>every other school. Right?

Well, wish me luck on my LSAT!


Ugo 🙂