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From West Coast to East Coast

Many Wagner students come from out of state, and for them, east coast weather is a new experience. From the scorching hot of summer, to the big blizzards of winter, this state is unlike any other.

I decided to ask four students from the west coast about their experiences with this weather:

Maggie from Pheonix

Maggie Eley comes to Wagner College from Phoenix, Arizona, but is originally from New Jersey. She says that this year's winter has been a bit shocking. In the winter months, Phoenix is usually in the 50s, so temperatures in the 20s are a bit much. But summers are another story. She would rather 30 degrees over 120 degrees any day. She LOVES the snow and on the day of Jonas, she made a snowball and then spent the day watching movies.


Ciera from California

Ciera Luna makes the trek from East Highland, California to Staten Island. During the winter months back in California, she usually snowboards, so she is no stranger to snow. She says that she has a love/hate relationship with the snow... She loves it because she can take cute pictures but isn't a big fan of walking in it. When I asked if she prefers summer over winter, she said that she loves winter in NY. It's a different experience from back home, but summer back in Cali is nice because of so many things to do.


Annabelle from Arizona

Annabelle Reilly is also an Arizona native and prefers the sunny summer days to the gloomy winter days. With an average temperature in the 60s during the winter months in Scottsdale, Annabelle stayed inside during Jonas. Just like Ciera, Annabella likes summer because there are more things to do.


Katelyn from SoCal

Katelyn Norman is a SoCal (Southern California) gal and experienced her first snowfall last year when she was a freshman. She said it was absolutely magical, and ran through it with some west coast friends. She enjoys the snow for now, although if she had to shovel, she might hate it. As magical as it may be, she will always love summer and will always a beach girl.


These ladies might not be used to this weather, but they all agree that New York is a pretty magical place.

Whether you're a beach girl like Katelyn or love to snowboard like Ciera, I promise you will learn to enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow... (before it turns into ugly slush, but just don't think about that!)