What is this weather?

So after Spring Break, the weather here at Wagner was beautiful! Everyone was outside, laying in the oval, eating lunch outside the union.... it was great. But these past few days have been so ridiculously cold! I was giving my tour this morning (which as everyone knows, the best tours are Tuesdays at 10) and my face was numb. When we got to the Hawks Nest, the girl's dad that I was showing around, got so excited to see Starbucks, he was about to buy one for himself and kept offering to get one for me as well. As much as I would have loved a midmorning latte, I declined. The father was so adamant about buying me a drink, after I declined about three times, his wife yelled at him and then he wasn't allowed to get himself one either! I will say though, despite the recent drop in temperature, campus is starting to bloom and really looking pretty. The trees have started blooming with their white flowers, and as usual, President Gaurasci has all of the landscaping looking immaculate. I can't wait for the warm weather to come back so we can enjoy the outdoors and not have to just look at it through the window!

ALSO! Don't forget to check out the Wagner College Class of 2016 Facebook page! (I'm in the cover photo)

Author: bryan.grandison

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