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What to do on Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite HawkTalk posts ever is, "How to survive Valentines Day in New York City" by Megan Irving. It is was pretty much the story of my life at the time when I read it. Guess what? That season is back, but this time I am super excited for it.

Valentine's day aka February 14th is the universal day for a celebration of love. Traditionally, it is associated with romantic love. I, however, like to believe it could be the celebration of any kind of love; brother and sister love, child and mother love or love shared between friends. It took me a while to realize that Valentine's Day is not only about having that "special someone". This post isn't about that. (Sorry singletons)

So if you do have that special someone, I did a bit of research on things to do on Valentines Day here in NYC or pretty much anywhere you find yourself this love season. I mean besides the cliché dinner and movies. Thank me later love birds.

Broadway shows:

You cannot be in the second city of love, New York City (Paris being the first), and not see a Broadway Show. No time could be more perfect to do that than Valentine's day; share that special performance with your special one. As a fellow student, I know how money could be an issue but don't worry Wagner got you covered. Currently, there are discount broadway tickets available for as little as $30. Did I hear someone say Chicago? Yup. Check it out here

Art Gallery

New York is known for its amazing galleries. Some of the world's most renowned paintings are located in New York Museums. My art history class that I took last semester allowed me to explore that. What better way to spend valentine's day than to take your loved one to see the beautiful Van Gogh Starry Night (1889) located at the Museum of Modern Art or the famous sculpture of Perseus with the Head of Medusa (1804-6) located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museums happen to be very budget friendly; free.

Comedy clubs

If you are into comedy like I am, or your significant other happens to be into humor as well, no better place to spend your valentine's day than a comedy house. They usually cost about 10 bucks or less to get into. Some comedy clubs you should check out are Caroline's located in the heart of Times Square, Gotham comedy club on 23rd street and Comedy cellar. You might be lucky and have a famous comedian perform that night!

Race/Luxury car experience

If your special someone is into fast cars, you could buy them laps to drive around in a really fast car. This is a very specific kind of activity, it would obviously require your partner to have a driving license and most importantly love the thrill of fast cars. I personally do. The cars you could drive usually include a Nissan GTR, a Lamborghini Gallardo, an Aston Martin DB9, Porsche 911 Turbo, and a Maserati GranTurismo S. If you are worried about the price, Groupon.com offers discounts for more than half the normal price!

Valentine's day is supposed to be the day to spread nothing but love, so make the best of it!

Happy Valentine's day in advance people!