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What’s on YOUR desk?

Tissues. Kermit the Frog. Deodorant. Dirty forks. Paper clips. Scattered assignments. Cheez-its. Three hundred pound textbooks. To-do lists. Bobby pins. Toe nail clippers (or just toe nails). Vitamin C tablets. Chicken D-Lite leftovers.

At least one of the things listed above is on your desk right now and you cannot even deny it... oh, maybe not? Well, if it’s none of those listed above then there definitely is a myriad of random things piled up on one another creating a mountain of clutter on your desk.

I asked five Wagner students what is on their desk and here's what they have to say!


Nora Burns, Arts AdministrationIMG_0421

"My desk includes piles of paper, some cute little quotes to make me feel better, some lotion and random stuff that I just throw in there... There's my jewelry box, guitar picks, mirror, and a photo of my high school class!"IMG_0419

What's your most valuable item? "My Michael Kors glasses."

How often do you clean your desk? "About once a week!"

Bruce Wilson, Business


"It's just sort of a mess. There are books, papers, and an empty tissue box."

What's your most valuable item? "My calendar. Even though I don't write on it, it helps me with dates."

How often do you clean your desk? "*laughs* never."



IMG_0436Camille Mikolas, Chemistry

"This is just lotion that I took from my mom who got it as a gift. This is a fake plant because I can't take of real IMG_0434plants because I'm incapable. Goggles are for chemistry. This is my make up, obviously. I keep the mirror here if I ever want to look at myself when doing homework."IMG_0432

What's your most valuable item? "My inhaler because it keeps me alive!"

How often do you clean your desk? "Everyday!"



Alex Pennise, Physician Assistant 

"I have pictures of my friends and IMG_0445family. Here's a picture of me and my cousin that I'm really close with. I IMG_0441have a fishbowl with my fish named Ice and my other fish, Fire, is by the door. I have frames of cards that were given to me that I read all the time. And textbooks."

IMG_0442What's your most valuable item? "I have these three stars. One was given from my voice teacher, another from an accompanist, and one from my aunt who recently passed away."

How often do you clean your desk? "Everyday."



IMG_0453Rozzie Heeger, Arts Administration

"Here's a picture frame of me and my cousins that I'm really close with. I have books that I need for class. I have my movies, a lot of them are disney movies, muppet movies, or musicals. Mary Poppins is my favorite. Ever. An electronic broken menorah, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler books. Muppet Pez dispensers."

What's your most valuable item? "My Elf bobble head. My cousins, my sister, and I watch Elf every IMG_0452Thanksgiving and then the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we always do Hanukkah since we never see eachother for it and one year, one of my cousins bought us all Elf bobble heads."

How often do you clean your desk? "Whenever I look at it and it feels stressed, then I clean it."IMG_0451