Why I Belong @ Wagner

"Cheers to making memories and calling Wagner College home"

So, during these past few days I have been asking my fellow Peer Leaders why they belong at Wagner College. In correlation with our theme: You Belong @ Wagner2016, I realized I never truly sat down to think about why I belong here. I guess it all started back in May 2010...

That's right! The great year of 2010—not too long ago, you say—instead of working our annual Admitted Students Days like I do now, I was just an attendee like many of you were back in May. I remember walking onto campus and seeing all of these smiling faces which was very intimidating, but I realized this might be the school for me. In just four hours, I went from uncertain to certain that Wagner College was right for me. Well, it wasn't that easy... smiling faces may have geared my choice in the right direction, but didn't seal the deal. After a long day of panels and information sessions, I was officially overwhelmed and starving (using your brain makes you hungry—look it up!). After my family and I entered the reception area this is when the "miracle moment" happened.

My family and I were discussing a possible major when Dr. Guarasci (yes, the President of Wagner College) walked over. I thought, what do I do when the President of a college approaches me? Do I bow, kneel, kiss his ring? Just kidding... he walked my family and I right over to the Government and Politics department chairperson to discuss Government classes. He stayed while we talked with Dr. Hu and later talked to me about Wagner College and how he holds a Political Science degree. Now I don't know about you, but I thought that was amazing! What other college/university has a President that is so present on campus?

So, that is what made me realize I belong at Wagner. It was the time the faculty, administration and all those people that day spent with prospective students that made me see the  true Wagner College. After two full years here, I am still in love with Wagner. I have a close relationship with many friends, my advisor, and other administrators.  Wagner has allowed me to flourish into a true "Wagner Plan-er." I am giving back to my community, working and bringing change on campus and even studying abroad next Spring; exactly what Wagner was designed for. As for President Guarasci, the one person who basically sold me Wagner, we talk often. No matter if I see him while I am walking to class or at an Admissions event, he always takes a moment to say hello, discuss classes, and we even talk about how we own the same ties.

There you go! After listening to so many stories of why people belong at Wagner College, I finally write and tell you all why I  feel I belong here. As I sit on the Sutter Oval and  reflect on my past two years looking at the beautiful Main Hall, I remember and  cherish the memories I have made the past two years and look forward to my final chapters "upon the hill."

Author: christopher.defilippi

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