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Why you should travel Internationally

Before I begin, here's the results of the "What do you like most about Winter" poll:

Snuggling Up: 33%
I like nothing about Winter: 33%
Snow Days: 33%
1 person likes studying for their MCAT and no one likes Snow ball fights or making snowmen/snow angels.

uncle sam meme

72% of college students go to college in the state they live, 16% go to college that's neither in their home state or a bordering state.

That's eye opening to me as I look at early adult life as a time of growth and exploration, so here we go —

5 reasons should travel internationally...

1. Recharge Your Academic Battery

If BMO does it, You definitely should
If BMO does it, You definitely should

This is the perfect excuse we are all looking to tell our parents. "Mom...this semester is really stressful. I need to go to Spain next semester." Alright, it might not be that easy, but it sure can be an opportunity for you to get out of the classroom. Everyone needs a vacation here and there — why not use a semester of college (at cheap rates) to go out and get some fresh air?

2. Take a Risksalute

They say you don't start living until you leave your comfort zone... here's the first calculated risk you can take as an adult. There's so much to gain when you go alone or with your friends; memories, connections, life experiences...why not take the risk?

3. Build Confidencethanksgiving-confidence-gifs-anchorman

Being away from Mom and Dad and all other adult figures in your life gives you a chance to be an adult figure yourself! You make the plans, you call the shots, you go where you want. Traveling also develops problem solving and critical thinking skills (tell Mom this). How? Well when you have to get from point A to point B in an unfamiliar place, you have to figure it out yourself and plan things out! It's an adventure, embrace it!

4. See the Worldso-close_c_1825517

Here's the cliche reason to go abroad, but it's so true. Want to see the Pyramids of Egypt in person? Machu Pichu in person? Leaning Tower of Pisa in person? The memories and experiences you gain are what you will be telling everyone for the rest of your life. They also act as great conversation starters with anyone.

5. Opportunities and Connections


Going abroad opens up many new opportunities to work, meet new people, and impress future employers. Maybe you decide to pick up a part time job at a foreign coffee shop and meet a future business partner down the road? Maybe you meet a future fiancée? What is for certain is that employers love seeing that you traveled abroad. It shows personal responsibility and the ability to adapt to new environments and situations.

All in all, you win when you travel abroad. Make sure to be safe about it and go through the right program to set you up on the safest, most fun, abroad trip.

Personally, I loved my trips to New Zealand and England and have gained so many memories and experiences that I'll be sharing as long as I live.

In New Zealand with some members of the Japanese National Lacrosse Team
In New Zealand with some members of the Japanese National Lacrosse Team