Winter Doom and Gloom

Why Winter, Why?

Why Winter, Why?

It's almost the end of the most dreaded season...WINTER. Yes, that is a very biased statement coming from someone who grew up without seasons in California, but I feel like the growing consensus on campus is that winter is not the most favored season.

I don't want to be too much of a negative Nancy, so give me your opinion in the poll below! I'll share the results in next week's post!

Mark Beyer

Author: Mark Beyer

My name is Mark Beyer and I am a Men's Lacrosse player and Physician Assistant student from sunny San Diego, California. I'm at Wagner because love opportunities both academically and socially. The academics at Wagner are challenging and rewarding in many ways and the social experience at Wagner is unheard of. Having NYC in my backyard for 4 years is an opportunity I probably won't have again.

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