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A-Z Post on Exploring New York City

For most Wagner students, moving to New York City is a huge reason they are at Wagner College. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of adventuring through this beautiful place.

A- Ask Questions!

Wagner College has a 20% commuter population, which means that you are surrounded by natives who can give you a more well-rounded understanding of the City.

B- Broooooklyyyyyn!

I am a Brooklyn girl, through and through, so I have a bias. However, Brooklyn is one of the most exciting places I have ever experienced, which is great for foodies, art lovers, shoppers, and anyone who wants to experience a different culture.

C- Coordinate your trip!

Plan your trips around the City in ways that you are hitting all the cool spots in a certain area, instead of making several trips to the same neighborhood or borough.

D- Don't drive!

A few of you have cars on campus, but I would not suggest taking them when you go on outings outside the Island. The beauty of exploring the other boroughs comes from taking public transportation, and walking around to discover places you would not go to otherwise.

E- Examine your surroundings!

Wherever you go, be safe. Always make sure to look around, and don't keep your headphones in when you are alone in a new place.

F- Factor travel time into your trip!

Wherever you are going, be mindful of the commute to/from, because you don't want to be late, or give yourself less time than you want.

G- General admission!

When visiting a museum or gallery, make sure you check if the general admission is suggested or required, you'll save yourself quite a few bucks.

H- Hobbies!

With all the cool things around here, you have the potential to invest in your hobbies. Keep that in mind when you are planning what you want to, because there are all kinds of sporting, musical, and physical activities to engage in.

I- Italian ices!

My non-New Yorker friends never know what Italian ices are, and I am always surprised. They are water-based flavored shaved ice that you can find at pizzerias all over NYC when the weather gets warm. Staten Islanders over hype Ralph's, but your local pizzeria probably does it better.

J- Jamming out!

I always make sure I have some good music on my phone so I can jam out with my headphones on while commuting. If you are not a music person, bring a book along with you for company.

K- Kosher eateries!

New York City has historically had a large Jewish population. Therefore, Jewish delis are all over, and they have delicious food.

L- Look it up!

Make sure you check out the hours, prices, and the information about the location before heading there.

M- Map your trip!

A lot of people tell me that they don't use public transportation because they cannot read a map. That is nonsense; the maps are easy to read and are so useful to getting where you want to be in the most convenient way possible.

N- Night life!

New York City never sleeps, so if you are not free to explore during the day, see what there is for the night. Broadway shows, restaurants, and clubs stay open pretty late.

O- Outdoors!

Central Park is the most famous park in the City, so you should check it out. Besides that, there are parks and outdoor activities, like free kayaking by the Brooklyn Bridge, so keep your mind open.

P- Pizza!

We are known for our pizza, so go out and find some good pizza to eat. It is part of the NY experience.

Q- Visit Queens!

Queens is an underrated borough, but neighborhoods like Astoria are a fun time, especially for young people.

R- Recognize that you are a tourist!

You are not a native, so please try to avoid stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures, keep up with the pace, and don't get in the way of people trying to get around.

S- Spend money wisely.

Don't get crazy with your money, because you are so excited with all that the city has to offer. Check out discount websites, and hole-in-the-wall eateries for a fun and cheap time.

T- Take pictures!

There is so much beauty in the City, so make sure you capture it. Don't get in the way of people, though.

U- Uptown!

Wagner peeps tend to stick to the lower part of the city, because it is closest to the ferry. The farther up you travel, the more open, spacious, and hip it gets.

V- [Street] vendors!

Understandably, people can be hesitant to eat from street vendors, but you will get some of the best food there. Whether it is a halal cart, candied nuts, the ladies who sell cut up mangoes (you have to try it with chamoya, lime juice, and some salt), or whatever else New Yorkers come up with, it is going to be delicious, and pretty cheap.

W- Walk quickly!

If there is one thing that New Yorkers hate, it is a slow walker who ruins their commute. Do yourself, and the people around you, a favor and walk at the pace around you. I had a lady hiss at me before for walking slowly, and I don't want any of you to experience that.

X- Get E-Xcited!

Sorry, there are no good words for the letter X. However, be excited on these little adventures that you take, because the City has so much to offer.

Y- You are the captain of your trip!

Do what you want. Even if you are going out in a group, make sure that you are vocalizing what you want to do and see.

Z- [Bronx] Zoo!

The Bronx Zoo is the coolest place in the world, by far. On Wednesdays, they have free entry, so you might want to check it out then.

Good luck on your travels!