Senior Thesis Topics


Al Aquaviva: "The Impact of Peaceful Protest on the Civil Rights and Vietnam Anti-War Movements"

Anthony Godino: "A Non-Traditional Immigrant Story"

Charlton Boyd: "The Marshall Plan: A Successful Failure of American Foreign Policy"

Jesse Flaherty: To the Shores of Tripoli”: Barbary Wars’ Impact on Early America"

Christine Shouldis: "Religion and Rhetoric: How the Birth of The Religious Right Transformed the Gay Rights Movement"

Emma Sinnott: "The Voices in Captivity Narratives: Issues with Female Agency and Redemption"

Joseph Uccio: "Islam and the Crusades: A Perspective Often Neglected"

Kristen Whitaker: "Margaret Sanger: Redefining the Mother of Birth Control for a New Generation"


Mariah Joy: "Exposing Motherhood, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation in 1930s America through the Matter of Vanderbilt Custody Trial"

Kimberly Landstrom: "LGBT+ museums and You: Reinterpreting the Photography of Alice Austen"

Hadeel Mishal: "Understanding the Palestinian Revolt Against the British, 1936-3: Empowering Palestinian Voices and its Effects on the Creation of Israel"

Katrina Mooers: "Jim Crow Fascism: The Parallel Between the Southern American States and Nazi Germany"

Katelyn Murphy: "Joint Warfare and Interservice Cooperation in the United States Armed Forces"

Taylor Sackaris: "How the Watergate Scandal Redefined Richard Nixon’s Legacy"

Matthew Stanisci: "The Turn to the Right of the Republican Party"


Janine Bednarz: “The Korean War and Early Cold War Politics”

Sarah Cappiello: "Clans, Compositions, and Culloden: The Influence of Highland Culture in the Jacobite Rising of 1745"

Jessica Catanzaro: ““When Are the Americans Coming?” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Jewish Refugee Crisis”

Oliver Grant: “The Battle of Britain: R.A.F Success or Luftwaffe Failure”

Orazio Iannacone: “Japanese-American Internment: A Forgotten Story”

Megan Irving: “Watergate for Elephants: How the GOP went from a Political Party to a Punchline”

Zuri LaPorte-Airey: “In a Timely Manner: The Years before Roe v. Wade”

Megan Mendez: “Women’s Identity and Agency in 15 th Century England: A Look at the Lives of Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Paston”

Rashon Pleasants: “Howard University Lawyers in the Fight Against Jim Crow”

Aisha Raheel: “The Raj at War: India's World War II Experience”

Paul Schloeder: “2001 and Beyond: The Impact of Science Fiction on the Cold War”

Jennifer Weile: “Do we matter? The Rights of People with Disabilities and the Interest of the State.”


Dae Vonte Barnett: “Lift Every Voice: J.W. Johnson and the Mobilization of Black New Yorkers in the early N.A.A.C.P.”

Kelsey Brown: "Semper Reformada: The Impact of Reform from Martin Luther to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA)"

Francesca Catanzariti: “Helen of Troy: From Homeric Myth to Hollywood”

Ebony Jennings: “Black Pride Doubled: Decoding Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X”

Katelyn Gamba: “Fortunate Prisoners: The Story of German POWs in the U.S. During World War II

Mariah Klimowich: “The Anti-War Movement of the 1960s”

Michael McMenamin: “The Irish Struggle and its Greatest Son: Michael Collins”

Abeer Mishal: “Lascivious to Prudish: The Role of British Imperialism in the Repression of the Middle East”

Shannon O’Connor: “Slavery and Gender in the Antebellum Era”

Erin Pentz: “Women in Law Enforcement: Fighting for Equality, 1910-2014”

PatriciaAnn McCaffrey: “Melting Down: Bilingual Education and Cultural Identity of Students in Port Richmond, New York”