K-12 and College Education

Wagner College’s Holocaust education program has connected local Holocaust survivors to over 5000 5th to 12th grade students at diverse schools including: Port Richmond High School (11th grade), P.S. 19 (5th grade), I.S. 49 Berta Dreyfus Intermediate School (8th grader), Lavelle Preparatory Charter School (6th grade), Staten Island Academy (6-12th grades) and New Ventures Alternative High School.

Local Holocaust survivors who have participated as eyewitness to Kristallnacht and Nazi atrocities, include: Gabi Held, Arthur Spielman, Rachel Gottlieb, Chaim Ben-Aron, Rachel Roth, Brenda Perelman, Miriam Jacobs-Schwarcz, Ernie Buehler, Margot Capell, Egon Salmon.

Over two dozen Wagner College students have served as Holocaust interns, including three who were third generation Holocaust survivors: Julia Teichman, Jennifer Weile and Julia Loria. Students who would like to apply for an internship and educators who would like to participate should contact LRWeintr@wagner.edu.

Our 2016 Holocaust Remembrance Day  was showcased on NY1.



In the spring of 2022, the WCHC inaugurated our Education and Action Gallery, the first permanent Holocaust exhibition on Staten Island. Featuring information panels, timelines, maps, photographs, archival objects and interactive displays, our gallery covers the major unfolding of the central events of the Holocaust, from life in pre-war Europe to 21st century genocides. The gallery features a special tribute to Staten Island Survivors, a wall of Rescuers and Resistors, and a unique focus on women.

For visits and tours for school groups, fifth grade through college, please contact







READ: https://www.silive.com/news/2022/04/stories-of-courage-resistance-and-strength-staten-islands-first-permanent-holocaust-exhibit-opens-at-wagner-college.html




Outreach and Student Reflections

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January 5, 2021
Eta Wrobel (1916-2008) Possessed of incredible bravery and pluck, Eta Wrobel refused to allow her destiny to be determined by others. Through her extraordinary acts of defiance--escaping deportation,
IMG 5826
Fern Zagor: Resistance, Resilience & Hope
October 27, 2020
Fern Zagor, daughter of two Holocaust survivors, has spoken for several years to students of Wagner College about her mother Frieda's experiences in the Warsaw ghetto and Majdanek, and her post-war commitment
IMG 2161
Shir Levav (Sing from the Heart)
August 31, 2020
Mission Statement:  Shir Levav is an organization devoted to singing from the heart. Shir Levav creates intergenerational connections through the arts. Young adults bring joy to those young at heart,
So What? Maintaining the Holocaust Themes in a New Production of CABARET
June 20, 2018
It’s November, 2018. The setting is a recreation room in a college dorm. Spilling out of the room are the friends, family members, and fans of Cabaret who have come to take in a student produced production
Vigilant but Cautiously Optimistic: Discussing the Threat of Fascism in the Modern Age
September 6, 2017
Vigilant but Cautiously Optimistic: Discussing the Threat of Fascism in the Modern Age by Daniel Smith, Class of 2018 An Introduction “There is no precedent for Trump’s election, no way to know what
Vigilant But Cautiously Optimistic: Interview One - Dr. Steve Snow
September 6, 2017
Vigilant But Cautiously Optimistic: Interview One - Dr. Steve Snow by Daniel Smith, Class of 2018 On February 1st, 2017 the Holocaust Center for Education and Programming had the pleasure of interviewing
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Superman Fights in the Holocaust: Honoring Heroes
August 10, 2017
To send Superman “where I’m needed most” may sound like a familiar mission, but this time it’s not the typical fighting against evil aliens or villains to protect humanity. The world renowned
Meet Consolee Nishimwe
August 10, 2017
Meet Consolee Nishimwe: A Rwandan Genocide Survivor who dedicated her life to changing the world, one speech at a time. As an intern at the Wagner College Holocaust Center, one of my assignments this
IMG 0156
Gregory Perillo’s Holocaust Images
August 10, 2017
Art that portrays terrible events  captures what words cannot say. World War II veteran and artist Gregory Perrillo uses light and dark, and details, as tools to project emotions that reflect the horror
Margot NewWorldPrep 2017
New Immigrant Youth Find Courage in Holocaust
June 20, 2017
Sixth-grade student Tracy Appiah of New World Preparatory Charter School in Port Richmond expressed Margot Capell’s message this way:  “Don’t judge someone by who they are. The Nazis just judged

Educational Resources

  • My Parents' Mixed Messages on Holocaust 
  • Anne Frank Today is A Syrian Girl 

Education Video Gallery

What Does the Holocaust Mean to You?

Directed and Edited by Riley Bartolomeo. This piece is for the Wagner College Holocaust Education & Programming Center website. Watch What Does the Holocaust Mean to You?

Wagner College holds Holocaust remembrance events

New York 1's Aaron Dickens reported on a May 3 program at the John W. Lavelle Prep School on Staten Island conducted by Wagner College's Holocaust Education and Programming Center. Watch Wagner College holds Holocaust remembrance events

WC = We Contribute

For Leslie Lopez, WC means We Contribute — to the Wagnerian, and to Holocaust education. Watch WC = We Contribute
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Video thumbnail 3 Wagner College holds Holocaust remembrance events
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