Lori Weintrob Speaks at Temple Emanu-El

Lori Weintrob Speaks at Temple Emanu-El


Presented by Prof. Lori Weintrob on Friday, June 3, 7pm at Temple Emanu-El
984 Post Avenue, Staten Island

The rise of Nazism had a particularly difficult impact on Jewish children throughout Europe. From expulsion from schools, to wearing the yellow star to forced labor, separation, loss of family, witnessing brutality and murder, Jewish children suffered in ghettos, concentration camps and hiding. Discussion included children's strategies of survival and resistance, from creating art and poetry to helping to smuggle food and weapons. This portrait of courage and tragedy made reference to several survivors who in the decades after the war came to Staten Island, including those who continue to speak out to the next generation.

Prof. Weintrob is Director of Holocaust Education and Programming Center and Professor of History, Wagner College. She has taught Holocaust courses for over 20 years. Over the last five years, she has interviewed over 25 local Holocaust survivors on Staten Island.

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