3rd Annual Commemoration of Kristallnacht and the S.S. St. Louis


Young Refugee Voices, Then and Now

What: Jane Marks Hart, journalist and author, The Hidden Children: Secret Survivors of the Holocaust, a groundbreaking series of interviews on youth and trauma in Nazi Europe that inspired her to work with other at-risk youth in shelters and prisons. This dialogue will explore how the Holocaust affected youth and children and our concerns today.

Where: Spiro Hall 2

When: Wednesday November 7, 6:00 PM

Kosher Reception at 8:00—RSVP HERE (required)

Contact: Dr. Lori R. Weintrob, Director

lori.weintrob@wagner.edu / 718-390-3309



This annual commemoration honors the courage, resourcefulness and determination of Egon J. Salmon, his parents Paul and Erna, and other relatives that enabled their family to survive.

It also recognizes Egon and his family for their contribution to the Jewish community of New York and to America from his role in the U.S. military in World War II to the present day.



The Story of Egon Salmon

Egon J. Salmon was an eyewitness to rising anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany and to Kristallnacht. His father Paul was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Dachau. With his mother Erna and sister Edna, Egon sailed on the historic voyage of the S.S. St. Louis, also known as the “voyage of the damned.” On his 15th birthday, he saw the lights of Miami as he was sent back to Nazi Europe, having been denied entry to the United States and Cuba. While others in his family fled to Bolivia, Uruguay and Shanghai, Egon was able to immigrate in 1940 to Staten Island. He returned to Europe in the United States military, serving in the Italian campaign and post-war German interrogations of Nazi criminals for the Holocaust, before even receiving citizenship. Along with his wife Marie, sons Jon and Henry, and many grandchildren, his family has contributed to the flourishing of Jewish life and to business and community development in the New York region. Watch The Story of Egon Salmon
Video thumbnail 2 The Story of Egon Salmon