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The Honors Program is designed to stimulate and challenge students intellectually and to give them exceptional academic and co-curricular opportunities to work at a very high level of accomplishment throughout their undergraduate years. The Program is affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Beginning in the second semester of their freshman year, students begin to take a series of at least five courses specially designated as honors. Students must have taken two honors-designated courses by the end of the spring semester of their sophomore year and four of the minimum five honors-designated courses by the end of the spring semester of their junior year. As juniors, honors students select a faculty member who agrees to mentor them in research. The Senior Honors Project culminates in a public poster presentation of the students’ research in late April of their senior year. Students work closely with the faculty mentor on projects ranging from traditional research papers to a variety of individually crafted projects in the arts and sciences.

Students in the Program may register earlier than all other students in their year for classes each semester.  This is one of the "perks" of being in the Program.  They receive special recognition at the poster session (which is open to the public) and at graduation, and their participation in the Program is noted on the official college transcript.

Depending on the student's academic profile, admission to the Program is by invitation or by application to the Co-Directors of the Honors Program. Applications for admission to the Program are accepted no later than three weeks before the first registration period of the first semester of the student's sophomore year. The College reserves the right to determine membership in the Honors Program. Students must maintain a 3.50 GPA each semester. Those who fall below the minimum GPA any given semester are placed on probation from the Program but may reapply the next semester that their GPA has reached or exceeded the Program's minimum, but they may reapply only once. Applications for admission or readmission to the Program include two letters of recommendation from faculty members and a written essay expressing interest in the Program. Applications should be made to the Co-Directors of the Honors Program.

For additional information about Honors at Wagner, please explore the other links on this page and/or email Dr. Amy Eshleman, Department of Psychology, at esh@wagner.edu or Dr. Nick Richardson, Department of Chemistry and Physics, at nrichard@wagner.edu.