Advisory Council

The Advisory Council for the Honors Program consists of the Provost, the Senior Associate Provost, the current Department Chairs and the former Program Directors. The Advisory Council assists the program director in the program administration by supplying necessary information about programs and majors offered by the departments. Apart of this informative role, the Advisory Council serves as a platform to discuss course offerings and possible changes of the program.

Currently, the Advisory Council consists of

Dr. Lily McNair (Provost)
Dr. Jeffrey Kraus (Senior Associate Provost)
Dr. Anne Schotter (former Program Director)
Dr. Alison Smith (former Program Director)
Dr. Miles Groth (former Program Director)
Dr. Sarah Scott (Chair of Art & Art History)
Dr. Horst Onken (Chair of Biological Sciences)
Dr. Donald Crooks (Chair of Business Administration)
Dr. Mary Rose Leacy (Chair of Economics)
Dr. Karen DeMoss (Chair of Education)
Dr. Susan Bernardo (Chair of English)
Dr. Shaohus Hu (Chair of Government & Politics)
Dr. Lori Weintrob (Chair of History)
Dr. Marilyn Kiss (Chair of Modern Languages)
Dr. Florin Pop (Chair of Math & Computer Science)
Dr. David Schulenberg (Chair of Music)
Dr. Paula Tropello (Chair of Nursing)
Dr. John Danisi (Chair of Philosophy & Religious Studies)
Dr. Nick Richardson (Chair of Physical Sciences)
Dr. Mark Wagner (Chair of Psychology)
Dr. Gordon McEwan (Chair of Anthropology)
Dr. Chien Liu (Chair of Sociology)
Dr. Felicia Ruff (Chair of Theatre & Arts Administration)