There are no fees to join the Wagner College Honors Program. Students are encouraged to examine the credentials of any honors society that requests a fee. Any honors society that is officially recognized at Wagner College should have a contact person on campus with whom you can communicate before deciding to join.

Incoming Students:

The Admissions Office invites selected students to join the Honors Program. These students may enter the Honors Program by accepting the invitation by the deadline set by the Admissions Office.

Current Students:

Students applying to the Honors Program must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50.

Students may apply for admission to the Honors Program before the end of their sophomore year.

Students who have been removed from the Honors Program may apply once for readmission.

To be considered for priority registration for the following semester, students must submit their application to the Honors Program no later than September 15 or February 15.

The application for admission or readmission requires a short essay of 400–500 words and endorsements from two Wagner College faculty members.

Transfer Students:

Students who transfer to Wagner College from a different institution may apply to the Honors Program after finishing their first semester at Wagner College with a minimum GPA of 3.50.

Transfer students who were members of the Honors Program at their former institution may transfer up to two honors courses. The honors status of these courses must be verified by submitting a transcript and course descriptions to the Director of the Honors Program at Wagner College. A minimum of three honors courses must be taken at Wagner College to successfully finish the Honors Program.


Honors Program Application for Admission/Readmission

Applications for admission to the Honors Program must be received by the end of a student's sophomore year. Students may apply once for readmission to the Honors Program.
  • In 400–500 words, identify what you see as a major global problem. Briefly explain why you see the problem as an important issue, and explain what you think needs to be done to address this problem. Attach your essay in PDF or Microsoft Word format.
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If you have any questions about admission or readmission to the Honors Program, please feel welcome to contact Dr. Amy Eshleman, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Honors Program (