Student Mentors

To generate a pool of honors student mentors was one idea of the Honors Student Council in order to help

  • admitted students to better understand the program, its benefits, and its requirements, and
  • students at the college to easier take the hurdle to align the requirements of a certain major with the honors program.

Members of the Honors Student Council can be contacted in both of these cases. Some experienced students agreed to serve as a source for information in specific majors.  Prior members included:

Patrick Bethel (History / Government & Politics)
Meghan Brown (Microbiology)
Danielle Bruscella (Accounting)
Alexandra Cooney (Business Administration)
Courtney Dunn (Psychology)
Stephanie Hinkes (Arts Administration)
Kelsey Hopland (Biopsychology)
Arijeta Lajka (English)
Pakinam Mekki (Biology)
Arielle Richardson (International Affairs)
Rea Ulaj (Mathematics)
Colleen Withers (Chemistry)

If you want to serve as a mentor for incoming freshmen and/or for a specific major, please contact the program director.