The Wagner College Honors Program has the following goals:

  • to support the College's mission;
  • to identify incoming students who have the potential for exceptional scholarly work and recruit them into the Honors Program by working closely with the Admissions Office;
  • to recruit current Wagner College students who exhibit exceptional academic ability;
  • to retain students in the Honors Program by providing challenging course offerings and unique academic opportunities;
  • to provide students with support and advisement in the pursuit of their academic and pre-professional goals;
  • to work with faculty members to develop appropriate academic opportunities for students in the Honors Program;
  • to contribute to the overall enhancement of intellectual life on campus;
  • to provide students with the opportunity for a themed community in the residence halls;
  • to provide students with leadership opportunities by serving as mentors to younger peers;
  • to regularly submit the Honors Program to self-study and revision in response to the changing needs of Wagner College as a whole;
  • to promulgate students' works that are products of the Honors Program; and
  • to provide opportunities for social gatherings among students in the Honors Program.

The Wagner College Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).