Frequently Asked Questions

What do admitted students have to do when they receive an invitation to join the Honors Program by the program director?

Congratulations to your acceptance to Wagner College. You were selected based on your academic performance in high school. In order to be accepted by the Honors Program, you must respond to the invitation. Only after your response, you are admitted to the program as a candidate, and you may be placed in one of the honors courses especially geared to freshmen. It is highly recommended that you come to the Honors Orientation on the Friday before classes start.

Why should I join the Honors Program?

Membership in the Honors Program has a number of benefits. You will become member of a community of scholars with close relation to faculty mentors. Your academic performance will be challenged and especially forwarded through the honors courses. You can immerse more deeply in academic questions and topics. You can join the honors community by living on the honors floors in the residence halls. Early registration gives you a wider choice of courses that are still open. Graduating with honors gives you advantages for a future academic career. Read also this article about Five Reasons to Join an Honors Program!

Until when can I join the Honors Program?

You can apply to join the Honors Program until the end of the fall semester of your sophomore year. If you joined later, it becomes quite hard to fulfill the program requirements. However, whenever you become interested to join the Honors Program at Wagner College, you should most certainly contact the program director to evaluate your options.
What happens if my GPA drops below 3.5, and what can I do to get back into the program?

If your GPA drops below 3.5, you are put on probation for one semester. During this semester you cannot benefit from early registration. You should focus on your academic performance to bring your GPA back up to 3.5 or higher. When you succeed to do this you can re-apply (see link Application) and become again a full member of the program. You can re-apply only once! Consequently, if your GPA ever falls below 3.5, the most important response is to focus on your academic performance!

What happens, if I do not have successfully finished two honors courses by the end of my sophomore year, or four honors courses by the end of my junior year?

If you do not fulfill these requirements of the program, you will be put on probation and cannot benefit from early registration. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you should immediately contact the program director to discuss your situation. In certain circumstances (you studied abroad, for example), exceptions can be made and the program director can adjust the requirements for you.

When should I start my senior honors project?

You should begin to consider your Senior Honors Project in the beginning of your junior year. By now you should have declared your major. Think about possible projects and discuss this with faculty members in the department of your major. In the spring semester of your junior year you must find a faculty advisor/mentor for your project. Make a plan for your project in collaboration with your advisor/mentor. Submit a Senior Honors Project Proposal signed by your faculty advisor/mentor to the program director before April 30 of your junior year. See the menu link to Senior Project on the left for further details.