General Employment

  • Introductory Period 
  • Promotion & Transfer 
  • Nepotism 
  • Outside Employment 
  All newly hired exempt and non-exempt employees are subject to a three-month initial review period.  This period is designed for orienting you to the college, community, job training, and allowing both you and the College to evaluate your suitability for the job.  During your introductory period you will be accruing time benefits, however any time off taken will be without pay.  During your employment at Wagner College, you will serve only one introductory period, even if you transfer or are promoted to another job outside your current department.  The transition from your introductory period does not in any way alter your at-will employment status.
To be considered for a job opening at the College, you may submit a bid form, to the Human Resources Office, for the vacant position.  You have the right to apply for promotions.  As a courtesy, you should inform your current supervisor when applying for another position at the College.  Seniority will be considered when qualifications of applicants are equal.  Transfer to another position is permitted if it appears to be to the advantage of both the employee and the College.
Nepotism in the workplace occurs when employers favor relatives in making employment decisions, with little or no regard to anything but kinship.  In order to minimize the incidence of nepotism, the employment of persons who are related to each other is limited to employment not within the same line of supervision.  The hiring of two individuals of the same family in the same department is permissible, but under no circumstance may they be placed in the same line of supervision resulting in one relative supervising the activities of another relative or one relative having management decisions over another relative.
Working for another employer while you are employed full-time at the College is discouraged.  Outside work must not interfere or compete with your work at the College.  Outside work must not be done on College time or premises or with College’s services, supplies or equipment.  The College requires that you not reveal any confidential information pertaining to the College and that you do not use your position at the College to obtain work or business for yourself.


Faculty members should refer to the most recent edition of the Faculty Handbook.