• First Aid 
  • Solicitation 
  • Change in Personnel Records 
  • Emergency Closings 
  • Election Day 
  • Parking Permit 
  • Sports & Cultural Activities 
  • Pet Policy 
  • Lost & Found 
  • Personal Mail 
  • Wagner College Bookstore 
First Aid care is available in the Department of Health Services, located on the first floor of Campus Hall.  If a serious accident does occur, a call should be placed to the Health Services Office and assistance will be provided at the accident location.
Solicitation on College property is not permitted.
It is of the utmost importance that all employees personnel records be kept up to date.  Every employee is requested to notify (in writing) the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible regarding any changes in: 
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Marital status
  • Number of tax exemptions claimed
  • Insurance and pension plan beneficiaries
  • Health Insurance coverage (yours, spouse)
Wagner College, due to the fact that it is a residence college, never closes.  It is rarely necessary to close the campus offices because of inclement weather or other emergency conditions.  When it is necessary to do so, you will be notified by a telephone call (using a relay system) from the College.  If it becomes necessary to close the College after the workday has begun, the Human Resources Office will notify all department heads, who in turn will notify you.  As a non-exempt employee, should you leave prior to the official closing time you will be paid only for those hours actually worked.  In all cases, if and when College officials close the campus offices, you will be paid your normal salary as if you had worked.  However, if you are unable to come in due to inclement weather, and the College offices have not officially closed, you must charge such time to your accrued time benefits, if applicable.
Wagner College does not grant time off for the purpose of voting.  Since the polls in New York are open from 6:00am through 9:00pm and the polls in New Jersey are open from 7:00am through 8:00pm, there is sufficient time either before or after working hours to fulfill this civic duty.
You are eligible to take advantage of free parking in specially designated areas.  You must register your vehicle with the Public Safety Office, which will issue you the required decal and regulations governing campus traffic.  Possession of the appropriate parking decal does not guarantee that you will always have an available parking space on campus.  Vehicle registration must be updated periodically.
The following opportunities are available to all full-time employees: 
  • Free or reduced rate admission to Wagner Seahawks sporting events.
  • Reduced rate tickets for Wagner productions.
  • Unlimited use of the Horrmann Library.
  • Use of the Spiro Computer Lab.
  • Use of the Spiro Sport Center facilities (certain restrictions may apply).
To provide a safe, non-threatening, and healthy campus environment for our faculty, staff, and students, no pets are permitted on the campus  with the exception of certified service animals.
Items found on campus should be turned in promptly to the Public Safety Office.  If found after hours, it should be taken to the College's Main Gate.
You may mail personal stamped mail and purchase stamps at the College's Postal Center.  You may also mail personal packages via US Postal Service and UPS, as long as these are properly packaged and sealed, prior to drop off.  All fees are to be paid at time of service.  Unless you reside on the campus, you are not to have any personal mail or packages sent to the College.
If you wish to purchase supplies for your department, you may do so at the Wagner College Bookstore.  All purchases made for College purposes are discounted 40%.  You are also entitled to a 10% discount on any merchandise purchased for personal use.