Wage and Salary Administration

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Classifications 
  • Direct Deposit 
  • Minimum Wage/Overtime 
  • Pay Advances 
  The FLSA establishes five categories of employees who are exempt from required premium payments for overtime: 
  • Executives
  • Administrators
  • Professionals
  • Outside Sales
  • Computer System Analyst and Programmers
The College’s classifications of Faculty and Administration both meet the requirements under FLSA’s classification for exempt personnel, and are paid on a salary basis.  Staff personnel are all non-exempt employees and therefore eligible for overtime.    
If you are an employee on the monthly or semi-monthly payroll you may have your pay deposited directly to any bank in the Federal Reserve System.  Direct deposit authorization form to initiate this service is available at the Office of Human Resources. 
  In compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York State law, you will be paid no less than the current minimum wage.  Furthermore, if you are a nonexempt employee, you will be paid overtime for time worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week at the rate of one and one half (1 and 1/2) times the base hourly rate.   (Anyone who works forty (40) hours will be paid straight time; over forty (40) hours will be paid the overtime rate.) Note that College Holidays will count towards overtime hours worked for most non-union college employees.  Overtime work must be assigned and approved by your supervisor. If you are required to work on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday those hours worked will be applied until the forty- (40) hour maximum is reached.  Compensation at the overtime rate (as specified above) will commence after the 40th hour worked.  Compensation for overtime will be reflected in your subsequent paycheck if your time sheet has been submitted on time.    
Advances will be given only in extraordinary circumstances.  The request for an advance must be submitted in writing to the Office of Human Resources. 



  • Reading Your Paycheck Stub 
  • Savings Bonds 
  • Time Sheets 
  • Wage Attachments 
  Wagner College is legally required to make deductions for F.I.C.A., Federal, NY State and NY City taxes, as well as other mandatory deductions such as garnishments, family court and tax levies.  By agreement with each labor union, union dues are also automatically deducted.  Contributions for health care coverage and life insurance, tax-deferred annuities and other programs must be authorized by the employee.  The check stub itemizes all deductions for each pay period.  Below is a listing of codes found on Wagner College paycheck stubs and the deduction for which they apply: 
  • ADV - Payroll Advance
  • AFLC- Aflac
  • CWRM - City Withholding Resident Married
  • CWRS - City Withholding Resident Single
  • DADJ - Dues adjustment
  • DCFA-Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • DEIC - Dental Low Plan Employee and Child(ren)
  • DEIE - Dental Low Plan Employee only
  • DEIF - Dental Low Plan Employee and Family
  • DEIS - Dental Low Plan Employee and Spouse
  • DEOC - Dental High Plan Employee and Child(ren)
  • DEOE - Dental High Plan Employee only
  • DEOF - Dental High Plan Employee and Family
  • DEOS - Dental High Plan Employee and Spouse
  • DUES - Union Dues
  • FICE - FICA Employee Contribution
  • FITM - Federal Withholding Married
  • FITS - Federal Withholding Single
  • GARN - Garnishes
  • GIFT - Gift through Payroll
  • HCFA - Health Flexible Spending Account
  • HEES - Health PPO Employee and Spouse
  • HEFM - Health PPO Employee and Family
  • HEPC - Health PPO Employee and Child(ren)
  • HESL - Health PPO Employee only
  • MEDE - Medicare Employee Contribution
  • MEES - Health EPO Employee and Spouse
  • MEFM - Health EPO Employee and Family
  • MEPC - Health EPO Employee and Child
  • MESL - Health EPO Employee only
  • PENE - Pension Non-elective Employee Contribution
  • PEN1 - Pension Elective Employee Contribution
  • POLI- Optional Life Insurance
  • SRA - Supplemental Retirement Annuity – TIAA-CREF
  • STWM - State Withholding Married
  • STWS - State Withholding Single
  • TRCK - Transit Check
  • VOLC - Voluntary Critical Life Insurance
  • VOLD- Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  • VOLI- Voluntary Accident Insurance
  • VOLL- Voluntary Term Life Insurance
  • VSP - Vision Care Employee only
  • VSPC - Vision Care Employee and Child(ren)
  • VSPF - Vision Care Employee and Family
  • VSPS - Vision Care Employee and Spouse
Information concerning the purchase of United States Savings Bonds through payroll deduction is available in the Business Office. 
  All nonexempt personnel are required to fill out time sheets.  Time sheets are prepared on a weekly basis and must be signed by the employee and the department head. Time sheets must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources no later than10:00 A.M. on the Monday following the conclusion of the workweek.  In the event said Monday is a holiday, time sheets are due on the last working day before the holiday.  It is essential that time sheets accurately reflect the hours and days worked.  Time sheets are necessary for accurate payroll and accrued time benefits.  The reason for any deviation from the regularly scheduled hours of employment should be provided on the designated section of the time sheet.  Payroll checks will not be distributed to any individual who has not submitted his/her time sheet to the Office of Human Resources.  Falsification of time sheets will result in disciplinary action.  The use of signature stamps is prohibited.  If you are an exempt employee, you are not required to sign in and out, or keep time sheets; however, business trips, vacation, sick and personal days should be recorded by your immediate supervisor.    
All legal attachments against salaries or wages for any employee must be honored as required by law.  Legal attachments include such things as garnishments and U.S. Treasury Department levies.