Area Coordinator

Area Coordinator


Under the supervision of the Director of Residential Education, the Area Coordinator is responsible for the programmatic, administrative, training, student conduct, crisis response, and facilities management of two residence halls, overseeing an area of approximately 750-770 residents. The Area Coordinator directly supervises 2 Graduate Residential Coordinators and oversees 17 to 25 Resident Assistants and 2 to 3 Community Leaders. The Area Coordinator supports the Office of Residential Education in all campus wide projects such as Housing Selection, Student Staff Selection, Student Staff Training, and other projects as assigned.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Maintain office hours daily and report directly to Director of Residential Education.
  • Plan and manage training for Graduate Residential Coordinators, Head Resident Assistants, and Resident Assistants.

General Tasks and Duties:

  1. Foster a community based on respect and inclusivity for student staff and residents.
  2. Serve as a resource and support related to academic, personal, and social concerns.
  3. Direct program development based on resident needs - serve as office representative when collaborating with outside offices such as Co-Curricular Programs, Center for Spirituality, Athletics, and others.
  4. Provide on-going feedback to supervisees to aid in their professional and personal development.
  5. Participate in campus on-call duty rotation in response to emergency and crisis situations.
  6. Direct and ensure clear building opening and closing procedures.
  7. Attend, participate, and assist with planning of training for senior staff and student staff.
  8. Attend regularly scheduled meetings including in-area staff meetings, senior staff meetings, committee meetings, and divisional meetings.
  9. Be responsible for one of the following: Summer Conferences or Orientation
  10. Participate in housing selection, staff selection, staff training,
  11. Be responsible for a collateral assignment outside of the department such as Family Weekend, Social Justice/Peer Education
  12. Be available for evening and weekend responsibilities including, but not limited to staff development, weekend programming, divisional requirements, and campus-wide programs.
  13. Represent the department at Wagner College events including, but not limited to, Homecoming, Songest, Greek Week, WagnerStock, and Commencement.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Student and Community Development

  1. Direct and develop residential curriculum, strategic direction of theme and/or Greek communities, programming and community goals, and deadlines for staff of each building.
  2. Promote and maintain environment of safety and wellness for students.
  3. Manage area list of Students of Concern, utilize basic counseling and referral skills when necessary.
  4. Work with faculty members and student partners on co-curricular programs in the residence halls.
  5. Remain approachable and visible to residents and staff members.
  6. Perform conflict resolution for student staff and residents.
  7. Ensure month to month completion of program requirements from each area via program and budget reports.
  8. Remain up to date with current research and best practices in student development and retention.
  9. Attend student staff programs as schedule permits.

Training and Staff Development

  1. Serve as a professional role model and support to student staff and senior staff.
  2. Train Graduate Residential Coordinators, Head Resident Assistants, and Resident Assistants, and Peer Educators.
  3. Provide formal evaluations of Graduate Residential Coordinators each semester, and review student staff evaluations.


  1. Communicate regularly and meet weekly with Director of Residential Education
  2. Work with Director and Residential Student Services Manager of Residential Education to make recommendations about furnishing replacement, strategies for combating damages within the residence halls, resolve outstanding facilities concerns.
  3. Direct management of facility operations including hall openings and closings, health and safety, key inventory, verification reports, room changes, and maintenance requests.
  4. Ensure fiscal responsibility monitoring and authorizing area expenditures. Expected to complete monthly budget reports.
  5. Understand, communicate, and enforce Wagner College and Residential Education policies and procedures.
  6. Serve as the student conduct officer for your area; adjudicate cases, mediate conflicts, provide appropriate sanctioning, as well as update student records and appropriate databases.
  7. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Experience in residence life, higher education, or student affairs required.
  2. Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred

Special Considerations

Position requires Area Coordinator to live on campus.


This position description is subject to change in accordance with the best interest of the Office of Residential Education, our student staff members, and residents. Area Coordinators are not permitted to have employment outside of their position without approval from the Director of Residential Education and the Dean of Campus Life.

To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three references via email to:

Thomas D. Tressler-Gelok

Director of Residential Education & Retention Specialist