LEAD embraces the intersections of leadership and social justice.  In our community of scholars, we empower our students of color by creating a safe and innovative learning spaces that foster inclusive excellence.

We have designed LEAD (Leadership, Empowering, Activism and Development) as a leadership and mentorship program aimed at helping freshmen students of color navigate  their first year at Wagner College. Our program pairs a first-year student with an upper class student to assist with their transition to Wagner College.  LEAD recognizes and celebrates the rich heritage and many contributions of communities of color, and prepares our students to be active and engaged members of the larger campus community. Participants will have access to a yearlong leadership program which we believe, will cultivate and nurture student leaders from underrepresented minority groups. Mentors and Mentees will take part in  programs, trainings and workshops, that will enhance their academic and professional skills.

In the past, LEAD participants  partnered with the Student Government Association and Black Student Union has to create a Declaration of Change, providing guidance and suggestions to the Administration on ways to create a more diverse community at Wagner College.  They have facilitated workshops to raise awareness around issues of diversity and engaged the community in a series of social justice dialogues.

At Wagner College, students of color comprise nearly 20% of the undergraduate population. As our diversity increases, we are excited to create new opportunities to build stronger, more inclusive communities that reflect the myriad of experiences showcased throughout our campus.

As a mentor and mentee you are expected to meet weekly for an hour.

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