Alternative Winter/Spring Break

The AWB was new this year, previously we have spent spring break traveling and performing service work. In the past, we have traveled to Haiti, West Virgina, New Orleans, Boston, Toronto and Washington DC. This year our planned travel was to the island of Puerto Rico and explore intersections of race, social class, gender and sexuality in this US territory. There was two components to AWB, one was pretravel workshops and the second was a travel colloquia. Student leaders in the Dean’s Leadership Corp served as mentors and worked with the Dean of Campus Life and Leadership to lead Five seminars for the students selected to participate (twice in October, twice in November and once in December). DLC members served as group leaders while traveling in Puerto Rico from January 2-8, 2016.

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Photos from the Winter 2016 Trip to Puerto Rico


Community Service AWB3

AWB 2016 Puerto Rico

Community Service AWB2