Expanding Your Horizons

Wagner College offers a program that broadens opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to be able to enhance their educational experience. We have created short-term programs that provide opportunities for experiential learning through 10-12 day international and domestic faculty-led excursions. Upon return from these trips, each course continues throughout the semester. Courses count as one unit towards graduation requirements.

Whether you are interested in becoming a global citizen, performing voluntary work, or immersing in a new culture, these courses have the potential of truly expanding your horizons beyond the traditional classroom lectures. We hope you will take advantage of these off-campus learning opportunities.

For additional questions, please contact:

Dr. Rita Reynolds, EYH Faculty Chair
History Department, Parker Hall 202
Wagner College
One Campus Road
Staten Island, New York 10301
Email: rita.reynolds@wagner.edu

Spring 2024 EYH Programs



Time: T/R 11:20-12:50

Location: Main Hall

This team-taught Intermediate Learning Community brings together the study of art and politics in the context of what has come to be known as Spain. Using a combination of readings, images, and travel to the region, this course offers a special opportunity to learn about the cultural production of Spain. Specifically, the course offers an analysis of two key historical periods:  Andalucia (Muslim Spain, 711-1492 ) and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).  Using a host of images, including film, the course focuses on the material culture of Andalucia (Muslim Spain) and the rise of various political ideologies (beliefs) during the Spanish Civil War.

Join us over spring break as we travel to Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Granada!

Professors Patricia Moynagh (patricia.moynagh@wagner.edu) and Sarah Scott (sarah.scott@wagner.edu)


This team-taught Intermediate Learning Community and Expand Your Horizons trip to Israel and Palestine examines the historical roots of the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict, both in terms of the political developments in the region from the First World War to the present, and in terms of the historical memory of the Holocaust that has helped shape Israeli identity.

Our trip to Israel and Palestine (ie., the largely Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip) is focused on sites of memory and conflict, both Israeli and Palestinian, from historic sites, to informal settlements, to Palestinian villages, to Holocaust memorials and museums. We visit numerous sites in Jerusalem, Jericho, and elsewhere that are central to Israeli and Palestinian nationhood. Throughout our trip and our course, we attempt to see the crises from multiple perspectives and to understand the fears, hostilities, and points of intersection from all sides.

For more information, please contact lmorowit@wagner.edu or ssnow@wagner.edu

Check out the EYH trip to Bangladesh:

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      Watch Video: Expanding Your Horizons - Bangladesh
    Prof. Mohammad Alauddin took five Wagner students to Bangladesh for his class "Environmental Pollution and Health." In this video, students Krey Keller and Nicolette Faison talk about their experiences. Photos: Habibul Haque Audio & Production: Anna Mulé | Wagner College

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