Education Abroad Programs

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may have changed. For the most updated price, check the program provider website.

The list below reflects many of the Education Abroad programs affiliated with Wagner College.  Each of these programs are listed based on their cost.  For example, if a program is listed as “Wagner Tuition + $1,000”, the student will pay whatever amount they typically pay for Wagner tuition each semester, along with an additional $1,000 cost.    Education Abroad destinations offered through programs listed below (such as API, CIS, and Sol Education) that are not specifically listed below may still be offered through Wagner College, so please visit the Center for Intercultural Advancement for more information. PLEASE NOTE that housing and meal costs are charged separately from the costs outlined on this chart.

Applications for Wagner College Education Abroad Programs are available here!!!

Wagner Tuition

Almeria University

The American College of Greece
Deree, Greece

Academic Programs International (API)
Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                       Chile
Costa Rica                                                                                                                               Croatia                                                                                                                            Florence, Italy                                                                                                                       Paris, France
Spain                                                                                                                                   Stirling, Scotland

Center for International Studies (CIS)
Czech Republic
Costa Rica                                                                                                                               Peru                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Florence                                                                                                                                  Ghana                                                                                                                                  Greece
Rome, Italy
Mexico                                                                                                                                 Morocco
Roehampton, England
South Africa
Thailand                                                                                                                                  Turkey
Newcastle, Australia

Dankook University
Dankook, Korea

Institute for the Intentional Education of Students (IES)

Beijing – Contemporary China & Chinese Language

Berlin- International Affairs & Security Studies

Buenos Aires- Business & International Relations in Latin America

Dublin – Entrepreneurship & Technology
Istanbul Direct Enrollment – Boğaziçi University
Multi-Location – Emerging Economies: Santiago & Rio de Janeiro
Nice – French Studies & Business on the Riviera
Nice Direct Enrollment – SKEMA: Science, Engineering & Business
Nice Direct Enrollment – Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

Rome- Tourism & Cultural Heritage Management

Rome Winter Quarter
Santiago – Study in Santiago
Shanghai – Economy, Business & Society
Shanghai – Engineering

Siena- Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine

Rothberg School (Hebrew University)

Sol Education Abroad
Costa Rica
Granada, Spain

Universite De Lyon
Lyon, France

Wagner Tuition + $1,000

Academics Program International (API)


Costa Rica


Dublin, Ireland

Rome, Italy

Institute for the Intentional Education of Students (IES)

Buenos Aires – Advanced Spanish Immersion
Buenos Aires – Latin American Societies & Cultures
Cape Town – University of Cape Town
Dublin Direct Enrollment – Dublin City University
Istanbul – Gateway to the Middle East & the Islamic World
Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Today
Salamanca – Study in Salamanca
Sydney Direct Enrollment – Macquarie University


Center for International Studies (CIS)

Florence, Italy




Berlin, Germany

Melbourne, Australia

Bendigo, Australia

Oahu, Hawaii

Dublin, Ireland

Muscat, Oman


Barcelona, Spain


St. Johns University
Rome, Italy

Wagner Tuition + $2,000

Academic Program International (API)

Leeds, England

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Barcelona – Advanced Spanish Studies
Barcelona – Liberal Arts & Business
Berlin – Language & Area Studies
Berlin – Metropolitan Studies
Dublin Direct Enrollment – National Theatre School of Ireland – Gaiety School of Acting
Granada – Study in Granada
Istanbul Direct Enrollment – Sabanci University
London Direct Enrollment – Queen Mary
Madrid – Engineering, Architecture & Science
Madrid – Language & Area Studies
Quito – Area Studies & Language
Rabat – Study in Rabat
Siena – Study in Tuscany

Center for International Studies (CIS)

Quito, Ecuador

Barcelona, Spain

Gold Coast, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Westminster, England

Wagner Tuition + $3,000

Academic Program International (API)

Krakow, Poland                                                                                                               Barcelona, Spain

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Amsterdam – Law & Criminology
Amsterdam – Psychology & Sciences
Amsterdam – Study in Amsterdam
Dublin – Irish Studies
Dublin – Writer’s Program
Freiburg – Language & Area Studies
London – Study London
London – Theater Studies
London Direct Enrollment – City University
Nagoya Direct Enrollment – Nanzan University*
Quito Direct Enrollment – Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Rome – Study Rome: Language & Area Studies
Vienna – European Society & Culture

Center for International Studies (CIS)
North Island, New Zealand

Wagner Tuition + $4,000

Academic Program International(API)

Bejing, China

Budapest, Hungary

Madrid, Spain

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Amsterdam Direct Enrollment – Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Auckland Direct Enrollment – University of Auckland
Christchurch Direct Enrollment – University of Canterbury
Freiburg – Environmental Studies & Sustainability
Galápagos Islands Direct Enrollment – GAIAS
London – Health Practice & Policy
London Direct Enrollment – SOAS, University of London
London Direct Enrollment – University College London
Nantes – French Language Immersion & Area Studies
Paris – French Studies
Tokyo – Language & Culture
Wagner Tuition + $5,000

Academic Program International (API) 

Lisbon, Portugal

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

European Union
London Direct Enrollment – Courtauld Institute of Art
Milan – Business Studies
Milan – Italy Today
Milan – Music: Tradition & Innovation
Paris – Business & International Affairs
Vienna – Music
Wagner Tuition + $6,000

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Sydney Direct Enrollment – University of Sydney

Wagner Tuition + $7,000

Academic Program International (API)

Berlin, Germany


Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Dublin Direct Enrollment – Trinity College Dublin
Sydney Direct Enrollment – University of New South Wales
Wagner Tuition + $8,000

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Amsterdam Direct Enrollment – Conservatorium van Amsterdam
London Direct Enrollment – Slade School of Fine Art
Wagner Tuition + $9,000

Institute for International Education of Students (IES)

Oxford Direct Enrollment – St. Catherine’s College

Semester at Sea

All voyages (Please note that the Semester at Sea program also estimates additional costs to students for personal and field programs, books, immunizations, visas, etc.)


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