Expanding Your Horizon Faculty Proposal

The Expanding Your Horizon Committee seeks proposals from Wagner College faculty for spring course (one unit) with an off-campus experiential component to take place during winter or spring break.

The Committee seeks courses in a variety of learning environments, ideally involving one to several weeks in an off-campus setting, that will provide situations in which students address issues of intercultural understanding, cultural risk-taking (i.e. small group excursions and/or projects) and in-depth knowledge acquisition.

Participating students are responsible for their course fee (to be determined by the faculty offering the course). It should be understood that each course will need to include a minimum number of six (6) students in order to support the travel costs both of the faculty member and the staff member. In addition, if the course is approved as an Intermediate Learning Community (ILC); there needs to be a minimum of fifteen (15) students enrolled.


For Faculty Proposals, please fill out the form: Faculty Proposal


After EYH Approval:

  • Select staff member to participate/assist in course.
  • Attend Center for Intercultural Advancement (CICA) EYH information session
  • Work with a staff member to plan trip logistics: travel, lodging, food, etc.
  • Advertise the approved course to the campus and community work with CICA
  • Prepare flyer for marketing and forward to CICA office.

Fall Semester:

  • Submit final budget/cost before semester begin date.
  • Submit updated itinerary before semester begin date.
  • Prepare information packet for student participants (passport & visa info, travel requirements-clothing, electricity, currency, dietary/medical) before registration deadline.
  • Instruct interested students to apply online (Electronic Student Application on CICA EYH Web Page) before the registration deadline. All applications and $1,000 non-refundable deposit are due on the last day of registration.Click here to apply: EYH Student Application
  • Collect submitted student EYH Document Packet and forward to CICA- located on CICA webpage and in CICA office (include International travel wavier,  off campus medical report, sexual harassment policy, behavior code, emergency contact info); students must also provide a copy of their passport before the end of the semester and Include final student roster.
  • Meet with students at least two times before departure (pre-travel orientation) before the end of the semester.
  • Check all paperwork was submitted to the Business Office & CICA (share access to google document. Spreadsheet indicating all documents submitted)
  • Update any roster changes due to illness/ emergency.
  • Miscellaneous requests (Business Office, IT)

Spring Semester:

  • Notify CICA re faculty/staff cell phone contact updates before departure
  • Notify CICA by email upon arrival to destination and return from trip.
  • RSVP EYH Presentation/ Campus Celebration- Reading Day