Student Employment

Wagner recognizes that while obtaining an education is each student’s priority, gaining valuable work skills is also important. SEP supervisors should be ensuring that the student employees are gaining information, skills and values that can be applied to their academic life or future career.

The Wagner College Office of Financial Aid maintains two types of student employment on campus:

  • College Work Study (CWS)
  • Regular Payroll

Both are vital to the operation of the campus and to some of the community organizations that Wagner has contracted with. Regular Payroll is open to all students, but for CWS, you have to check your eligibility with the Financial Aid Office. For more information about working on-campus, please check the Work On-Campus page.

International students are allowed to work off-campus under certain conditions. Please check our Work Off-Campus page for more information.

Process for International Student to Obtain Regular Pay Position (if they have not worked before):

Step 1: International students go through the job database to see which regular pay positions are available.

Step 2: The student contacts supervisor listed on the job database and is interviewed if it is part of the requirement.

Step 3: The supervisor issues the Social Security Administration Template letter.

Step 4: Student provides this letter to Social Security Administration; waits 3 to 6 weeks to receive their Social Security Card.

Step 5: Upon receipt of the Social Security Card it needs to be submitted to Financial Aid with all employment documentation (I-9, W-4, I-20, etc) through the normal process.

Step 6: Upon completion of the documentation and Referral process, the student may begin working.  The student cannot work without a Referrral.