Work On-Campus

International Student On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is the work that is paid for directly by Wagner College. Students who are maintaining F-1/J-1 status are eligible to work on campus while they remain students at Wagner College. On-campus employment does not require authorization, permission, or additional documentation from the Center for Intercultural Advancement Office; it is an automatic benefit of F-1 or J-1 status.

What is considered ‘on-campus’ employment?

For immigration purposes, ‘on-campus employment’ is quite narrowly defined and may be different from how other entities at the University define ‘on-campus’ employment. ‘On-campus employment’ includes: Work done on campus and paid for by the College directly.

To be eligible for on-campus employment work authorization, you must:

  • Be in a valid F-1/J-1 status currently
  • Have checked in at the Center for Intercultural Advancement at the beginning of your program
  • Still be a full registered student (you are not eligible for on-campus employment after your I-20/ DS-2019 end date)
  • Work for an ‘on campus’ employer

Review the Student Employment program web page for more information on on-campus job opportunities.

Although you do not require additional work authorization for on-campus jobs, you will require a Social Security Number (SSN) when you begin work.  If you do not already have one, an on-campus position makes you eligible to apply for an SSN.  Application information and instructions are found below.

After finding a suitable job on campus, you should follow the hiring process provided by the Financial Aid Office.

While reviewing the Student Employment Database, you will notice there are different types of positions on campus. The most popular two are regular and work study positions.

Regular Positions: are the jobs to which any student, international or domestic, can apply to. These are the positions that international students should apply to.

Work Study Positions: are federally funded jobs, which usually international students are ineligible for.

Social Security Number

The Social Security Number (SSN) is a tax identification number that tracks employee salary in a payroll system.  Social Security Numbers are issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is the tax authority of the United States, at birth for U.S. citizens.

In order to accept any form of employment either on- or off-campus, it is necessary to have a Social Security number. To obtain a Social Security number you must visit a Social Security office and complete an application.

To apply for a Social Security number you must appear in person at the Social Security Office and complete an application form (the 5-th page). Take with you the following items:

  • Your valid passport
  •  Your valid I-94 (electronic printout)
  •  Your I-20 for F-1 visa holders or DS-2019 for J-1 visiting students
  •  A copy of your class schedule
  •  A letter from the prospective employer stating a job offer with an immediate beginning date

If you are authorized for optional practical training (OPT), academic training, or off-campus work permission based on economic necessity, you should present your Employment Authorization Document (EAD card). If you are authorized for J-1 curricular practical training (CPT), you should present your Form DS-2019 endorsed for curricular practical training .

It may take about six weeks to receive your card in the mail. When you apply, you will receive a receipt from the Social Security Office. You should keep this receipt as proof of your application for a number.
Please be aware that a Social Security Number does NOT authorize you to accept employment off-campus. Permission to accept off-campus employment can only be granted by USCIS.

There are multiple office locations on Staten Island. Click the following link for the office locator:

Social Security Office Locator