J-1 Extension

J-1 Extension Program Never let your Form DS-2019 expire!
The results are very serious!
Immigration regulations require you to file for an extension of time when you are not able to complete your program of study by the date that appears on your Form DS-2019
To complete this requirement you must apply for a “Program Extension Notification” 30 days before your Form DS-2019 expires.
If you work on campus, your I-9 Employment Eligibility form will need to be updated. After you pick up your new Form DS-2019, take it and your passport to the Financial Aid Office to have your I-9 personal identification section updated.
Never let your Form DS-2019 expire! If it expires before you have completed your studies, you will be in violation of your J-1 status. Violations of status can have serious penalties.
If you do not plan to leave the U.S. before your Form DS-2019 completion date expires, you may qualify for a Program Extension Notification to USCIS through the International Student Advisor office. You qualify for this notification procedure if you have continually maintained status and one of the following reasons caused the delay in completing your program:
1.Important compelling academic reasons, such as needing more developmental English than you expected, a change of major, a change of research topic or unexpected research problems.
2.Documented medical reason. Attach medical evidence from a medical doctor or psychologist on official stationery that states the nature of the illness and the period of time you were ill.

-A delay due to academic probation or suspension is not an acceptable reason for a program extension according to USCIS regulations. If your delay was caused by one of these reasons, you should make an appointment with the International Student Advisor to discuss applying to USCIS for “Reinstatement” of your J-1 status.

1.Complete the following form 30 days before the current program completion date: -REQUEST FOR J1 EXTENSION. If necessary, have the form certified by your faculty advisor or attach any required evidence of illness or medical condition.


1.The International Student Advisor will review your Request for Program Extension Notification. If the reason for the delay in completing your program meets USCIS requirements, your program extension will be authorized.
2. USCIS will be notified and your Program Extension Form DS-2019 will be prepared, and you will be called in to sign it.
3.Your new Form DS-2019 will be given to you showing that the procedure has been completed.