Career & Family: Can We Really Have It All?

Career & Family: Can We Really Have It All?

This panel will be exploring the question "can we really have it all" in today's world. What is "it", and who exactly can have "it"? We will also be addressing how the pandemic has put stress on women to achieve this societal concept, and how productivity and industry have been affected as a result. This event will be a virtual panel and registration information along with a link to submit questions for the panelist will be sent soon.

March 23rd

6:00 pm

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                                                                         Guest Panelists

                                                   Dr. Alison Arant, Chair for English Department

                                       Holly Bonner, Adjunct Professor in Sociology Department & Volunteer Chaplain

                                                   Dr. Shani Carter, Professor in Nicolais School of Business

                                      Dr. Vanessa Washington-Smith, Assistant Professor in Education Department


                                                       Annabeth Hinman, '20, Presidential Fellow & Alumna

Sponsored by Gender Studies Department.