Feminism – A Conversation

Feminism – A Conversation


This conversation is centered around asking a vital question: How do people understand feminism in 2021? There are four panelists, who together represent a wide cross-section of Wagner College. They will open the dialogue by presenting some of their views on how they understand the term and how they see others as understanding it. We will then open it up for a dialogue with the community. We will be discussing, among other things, feminist terminology, contemporary attitudes toward feminism, and historical trends within it. Participants can expect to get a glimpse of some nuanced understandings of feminism and may end up questioning some of their own assumptions about it.

                                                               Below is the panelist

                                        Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

                       Associate Professor/Chair, Sociology Department

                                         Dr. Cyril Ghosh

          Associate Professor/Chair, Government & Politics Department

                                          Nicole Ntumba

                              Area Coordinator, Residential Education

                                          Sidiq Soulemana

            Assistant Director, Center for Intercultural Advancement


Registration for this virtual event is required and open to the Wagner community.