Women’s HERstory Month Events

Wagner College is proud to announce our series of events designed to celebrate and recognize the rich contributions of women in our community and beyond. March is Women’s HERstory Month which was declared by the U.S. congress in 1987 to salute women for their invaluable contributions to the growth, prosperity, and moral fiber of this country. Women's HERstory month is dedicated to increasing the visibility of all women and women-identified people in the Wagner College community. Join us during March and April as we bring together clubs, organizations, and community members to not only celebrate women but highlight the issues impacting women in our community and beyond. We will be sharing stories, elevating women's voices, and celebrating women whose stories inspire, enrich, and strengthen Wagner College each day.

Career & Family: Can We Really Have It All? Tuesday, March 23rd
Women’s History Month Leadership Panel Wednesday, March 24th
Feminism - A Conversation April 6th
Women Who Inspire Ceremony April 8th


Women's HERstory Committee


Dr. Rita Reynolds, Associate Professor and Chair of History Expand Your Horizons (EYH) Faculty Advisor

Dr. Alison Arant, Associate Professor of English and Department Chair


Dr. Ange Concepcion, Assistant Dean of Campus Life

Annabeth Hinman, '20, Presidential Fellow & Alumna

Sebastian Rametta, Assistant Director of Student Engagement & Activities

Nicole Ntumba, Area Coordinator of Office of Residential Education

Desiree Braithwaite, Assistant Director of Central Service Department and Advisor of BSU

Leticia Romero, Office Manager of the Dean of Campus Life Office

Sidiq Soulemana, Assistant Director of the Center for Intercultural Advancement