Once you have sent in your deposit, your accounts are created for you.  You can activate your accounts, and look up your temporary passwords by visiting the New Student Lookup Page

Once all of your employment paperwork has been filed with Human Resources, your accounts are created. All of your information is returned to Human Resources, who will distribute the information on your first day of employment.

You can access your email by visiting Mailport, our online mail portal, powered by Google.

Most of your spam will go directly into your spam folder. Occasionally, messages that you actually want are also tagged as spam. You should check the spam folder every few days to make sure nothing of importance has been tagged. Additionally, if you receive messages that you believe to be Spam in your Inbox, clicking the “Mark as Spam” button will let Gmail know to send it to Spam in the future.  Spam is automatically deleted from your spam folder after 30 days. Messages in your Trash folder are automatically deleted 30 days after the message was trashed.  Here are some guidelines to use to check if suspicious emails are real or fake


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