What is a Network Account
When you are using a computer on campus, you are required to log into the campus network. By logging in, you have access to all of your network drives and folders, including your P-drive (your personal drive). The P-drive is a place where you can store important files and the files will be backed up by IT, so you will never lose anything. In addition, you can access your P-drive from anywhere on campus. So, work you do in one location can be retrieved in another location. We strongly encourage you to keep all of your work in a network folder to ensure that nothing is lost if your computer is ever to crash.

Network Account Self-Service Password Reset

Our network accounts are connected to a self-service password reset tool that makes password recovery much easier. The process requires a set of challenge questions to be populated prior to using the password reset tool. Please refer to the Using the Self-Service Password Reset Tool documentation for detailed instructions.