[SSID: wagner-roam] is being decommissioned, you need to migrate over to [SSID: wagner-wifi] as soon as possible.

Guests visiting Wagner College may use the [SSID: wagner-visitor] free wireless network. Connect to the SSID then open a web browser on the device and follow the prompts to enter the access username (campus-guest) and daily password, and agree to the usage terms. Please note, at this time, the current version of the Chrome browser does not work for this process; but Chrome works after you've authenticated using a different browser.

For Wagner students, faculty and staff, we have a secure, authenticated wireless network is available on the Wagner campus [SSID: wagner-wifi].   Once connected, you will be prompted for your Onelogin credentials.   Windows users must download a small piece of software to their computer to help setup this WiFi (see below).

If you need help in configuring the wireless connection, please bring your device to the HelpDesk, lower level of Horrmann Library, just off Trautmann Square.

Where is Wireless Available on Campus?

  • Horrmann Library
  • Union Building and Patio
  • Spiro Communications Center
  • Main Hall
  • Campus Hall
  • Megerle Science Building
  • Spiro Sports Center
  • Pape House
  • Reynolds House
  • All Residence Halls

For more details please see the following: https://wagner.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1983/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=61238