Welcome to the IT Training Page

This page will help you along on the journey to becoming more well versed in technology. We also offer various formats of training depending on how you are most comfortable learning. They are:

1. Workshop- Learning in a workshop is a classroom setting with a room of people. These classes are scheduled ahead of time and are posted on the IT Training Calendar.

2. One on One- One on One training is an hour long session with a trainer that goes over a topic pre-determined upon scheduling a time.

3. Online Training- We understand that oftentimes schedules are hectic. With online training you are able to get the content you need to know, right from the comfort of your own home.

4. Handouts and Videos- We provide handouts and videos as a supplement to in-person training. These are helpful as a refresher for something already taught or as a resource for use down the line.

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