October Workshops & Webinars

Google Calendar Webinar
Google Calendar is a fantastic way to keep yourself organized. It is user friendly and makes it easy to schedule meetings and events with your colleagues on campus.

In this webinar we will cover:

  1. What is Google Calendar?
  2. Basic Navigation
  3. Creating Events
  4. Inviting Guests to Events
  5. Creating Email Reminders
  6. Creating Secondary Calendars
  7. Sharing Your Calendar

Please note: This workshop is not in person. It will be facilitated online using Webex so you can attend from home or your work computer.


Intro to Webex Workshop
Bring the conversation online with this user friendly, synchronous tool that allows you to facilitate your class anywhere you are. This is especially useful for days when you are unable to make it to campus, but don't want to fall behind on the curriculum.

In this workshop we will cover:

  1. Logging into Webex
  2. Scheduling a Meeting
  3. Joining a Meeting
  4. Connecting to the Audio Service
  5. Basic Navigation of the Meeting Window
  6. Using the Participants Panel
  7. Sharing Content
  8. Recording Your Session
  9. Ending or Leaving Session

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