July Webinars


Moodle Basics Webinar

Moodle is Wagner's learning management system. If you are teaching a course you automatically have a Moodle course created for you with all of your students already enrolled. This workshop will go over the basics of setting up your Moodle course and using it as a way to easily facilitate your course online. The topics we will go over are:

  • Logging in and basic navigation
  • Changing Course Format
  • Editing a Topic Summary
  • Uploading a File
  • Linking a URL
  • Creating a Basic Gradebook
  • Creating an Assignment
  • Working with Forums
  • Backup and Restore

Advanced Moodle Webinar

This webinar will highlight a few features that go a bit beyond the basics in Moodle. The topics we will go over are:

  • Embedding YouTube Videos
  • Inserting Images into Topics/Weeks
  • Creating a Quiz
  • Adding Quiz Questions
  • Importing Quiz Questions via MS Word

Zoom Basics Webinar

Zoom is an application that will allow you to take your courses and meetings online. It is seamless, easy to use, and really useful if you want to have a live discussion with participants outside of the classroom. Zoom also allows for the creation of breakout rooms, polls for students to participate in, and the use of a waiting room which is a great option for office hours. The topics we will go over are:

  • Scheduling a Session
  • Joining a Session
  • Audio and Video Connection
  • Meeting Navigation
  • Screen Sharing
  • Creating & Sharing Polls
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Waiting Room

For more information regarding dates and times, or to sign up click the following link: Click Here!