November Workshops and Webinars


Google Classroom Webinar

Google Classroom introduces you to a paperless classroom with its ability to create and facilitate assignments using an online portal. Teachers are also able to grade students' work submitted via the portal. It works seamlessly with other G Suite for Education applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. In this webinar we will go over the following topics:

  • How to Log In
  • Basic Navigation
  •  A Closer Look at the Student, About, and Stream Tabs
  • Creating Questions for Student Participation
  • Creating Assignments
  • Grading Assignments

Please note: This is an online workshop which will be facilitated using Webex.

Google Docs Basics Workshop

Similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs is a word processor that allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents. It works hand in hand with Google Drive and is extremely user friendly. In this workshop we will go over the following topics:

  • Creating a Google Doc
  • Basic Navigation
  • Formatting Text
  • Using Styles
  • Lines, Footnotes, and Page Breaks
  • Headers, Footers, and Page Numbering
  • Page Margins and Orientation
  • Using and Editing Images
  • Inserting and Editing a Table
  • Renaming, Deleting, and Downloading Docs
  • Sharing and Collaborating on a Doc

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