August Workshops & Webinars

Moodle Restore Workshops

These workshops are reserved for those who would like assistance with restoring their courses on Moodle. Please note that these are considered group workshops so you may be sharing the time slot with someone else.  We will not be following a structured lesson plan for these workshops. It is only meant to serve as an open forum to come for assistance with restoring a backed up Moodle course. You are expected to provide the backup file that you are trying to restore.

Starting Your Semester Webinar

This is a great introductory course that will get you started with the basics of the most widely used features when setting up a basic Moodle course. In this workshop we will learn:

  • Logging in and Navigation of Moodle
  • Weekly vs Topics Format
  • Editing a Topic Summary
  • Adding Quickmail
  • Understanding the General Section
  • Uploading a File
  • Linking a URL
  • Creating a Basic Assignment
  • Understanding Moodle's Editing Icons
  • Setting Up a Basic Gradebook

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