August Workshops

Restore Your Backup Workshop
In these workshops, we will take your backed up Moodle course and restore it to your fall course on Moodle. Please come prepared with your login credentials and backup!

Starting Your Semester Webinar
In this webinar you will get your course up and running for fall on Moodle. Some of the topics we will go over are:

  1. Logging into Moodle
  2. Choosing a Course Layout
  3. Adding Quickmail
  4. Setting up a Basic Gradebook
  5. Changing your Topic Summary
  6. Uploading a File to Your Moodle Page
  7. A Look into Moodle's Editing Icons
  8. Creating a Basic Assignment
  9. Linking a URL to your Moodle Page
  10. How to Add a YouTube Video on to Your Moodle Page

To register for one of these workshops, click this link: Register Here!