Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Wagner College has a lively Languages department that offers a wide range of courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, German, and American Sign Language.

Majors are offered in Spanish and French Studies. Minors are offered in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Middle Eastern Studies. Through our programs of study, you will develop your skills of communication, analysis, interpretation and critical inquiry, and you will build a linguistic and cultural awareness that will enable you to experience the world differently. By studying language, literature, civilization, and film, you will begin your own journey through the myriad cultures of the planet.

Greetings from Wagner’s International students!


Our students are very active in campus life; they regularly organize visits to sites of cultural interest in Manhattan, and many volunteer in the Port Richmond area of Staten Island.

Our department is also particularly involved in inviting speakers and performers to campus. Recent guests include authors Lidia Falcón, Laura Freixas, Gustavo Arango, Nancy Mercado, Lorenzo Silva, José Ovejero, film director Inés París, photographer Nereo López, actress Irène Jacob, as well as many national and international scholars, journalists, poets, musicians, and dancers.

Beyond the classroom, the majority of our majors and minors study abroad in programs in Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, or beyond. The department also offers Winter and Spring intersession classes in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Cuba, Cartagena, Paris, and Montreal.