The Modern Languages Department is part of the Humanities division at Wagner. Faculty offices are on the 1st and 3rd floors of Parker Hall.

Modern Languages Faculty

Modern Languages Faculty


Marilyn Kiss

Associate Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

718-390-3369 mkiss@wagner.edu Parker Hall 115

Research: Latin American Literature (Griselda Gambaro); Latino Literature of the U.S.; Foreign Language pedagogy.

Margarita Sánchez

Professor/Chair, Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

718-420-4133 msanchez@wagner.edu Parker Hall 113

Chair of department. Research: Contemporary Latin American literature, with an emphasis on gender studies.

Dane Stalcup

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

718-420-4527 dane.stalcup@wagner.edu Parker Hall 107

Research: Music and Literature in France, with an emphasis on the 19th century.

Katica Urbanc

Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

718-390-3368 kurbanc@wagner.edu Parker Hall 303

Research: Contemporary Peninsular Women Writers (Carmen Laforet, Carmen Martín Gaite, Soledad Puértolas, Rosa Regás, Laura Freixas).

Marissa Carney

Department Secretary, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Secretary, Philosophy

Secretary, Religious Studies

718-390-3256 marissa.carney@wagner.edu Parker Hall 313

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